Is Myanmar Safe

Are Myanmar safe?

" But, even if it's safe, is it ethical? As a Buddhist country where people are religious, visitors should feel confident that they are safe in Myanmar. The Sundström Safety App helps you choose the right filter type for your respirator. Is it safe to return? Take your time to view crime data and statistics for Myanmar.

You' know before you go: Crime, Security & Fraud in Myanmar

This article explains our argumentation about ethic travel: Myanmar is a safe place in terms of criminality. Beware of smugglers, parasites and small-time criminality in Yangon with these advice from our security experts. Small-scale crimes such as pocket picking and pocket picking are uncommon, probably because of the severe punishments the nation is imposing on outlaws.

" The Yangon area has slightly more road traffic than other areas and some believe that the economy and the increase in disparities contribute to an increase in theft rates, although there is no clear proof of this. Myanmar's frontier with Thailand can be a dangerous place due to the military and drugs activities, but the don´t policing site allows aliens to enter areas where there is even a low level of terror.

Burma's population knows that the tourist industry is a very important part of the country's economic system, so they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of the tourist. This is a small issue in Myanmar in comparison to other parts of Southeast Asia - you will never come across a touts here on your journeys.

When you have the chance to visit Myanmar far, you will probably notice a big gap between the "Big Four" (Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lakes) and other secluded areas. If they are travelling through Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan or Inle Lakes, sellers are likely to raise their rates and try to cheat travellers into paying more for what they buy.

It is by far the most touristy area in Myanmar, where you may find a few impolite and intrusive natives trying to educate you about their plight just to get a few additional dub. Don't let these fraudsters alter your mind about the lovable folks in Myanmar.

Homosexuals are against the law in Myanmar. Please click here to find our security advice for travellers travelling with us. On the way to Myanmar? Take our free Insider's Guide and explore the best of Myanmar with our free advice! You can shop at home or while travelling and make purchases from anywhere in the wide web.

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