Is Myanmar a good place to Visit

Myanmar is a good place to visit?

When it comes to Burma, you can't miss it because of its uniqueness. Ile Lake, Bago, Mandalay will give you a different kind of exposure and feeling. Here you will find monasteries, temples, lakes, shopping facilities, etc. From Inle Lake time travel to the chaotic royal capital Yangon and the breathtaking Bagan temple level, Myanmar remains one of the hidden jewels of Southeast Asia. So I went to an Italian place in Inle Lake that was pretty tasty.

Activities in the Mandalay region, Myanmar

After I spent a few in Yangon and Bagan and visited the Tattoo Woman's Towns in Chin State, I went to Mandalay, Myanmar's second biggest town. It is definitively one of the best places in Myanmar and has great sights and attraction, so you should stay at least 2 or 3 outings.

Mandalay, situated in the north of Myanmar, was built in 1857 by King Mindon as the capitol of the Konbaung Dinasty. This was Myanmar's last imperial capitol, but only for 26 years, when the British Empire captured the town during the Third Anglo-Burmese War. When Burma, as it was then called, became self-sufficient from Britain in 1948, Mandalay remained the most important centre of Upper Burma's culture, economy, healthcare and education.

It is the centre of Buddhism in Myanmar and has more than 700 couples and several cloisters. Today Mandalay has over 1 million residents and is one of the most important touristic destinations in Myanmar alongside Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake. For my part, if you only want to stay a few nights in Myanmar, Mandalay is the best choice, because there are many things to see and do, not only in Mandalay, but also in the area.

Mandalay has many sights and on my attraction lists I have tried to put everything I think is in town. Cycling in Mandalay is one of the best activities in Mandalay. It is a shallow town and the roads are built on a 1-49 north to south and 50-90 east to west raster, so it is almost not possible to get lost. 2.

You have the possibility to discover and visit some of the most interesting sights in Mandalay by bicycle, such as the sculpture quarter; the Ma Soe Yein Convent - the biggest convent in the town; the Jade Square; Shwe In Bin Kyaung - one of the most attractive convent in Mandalay; a goldsmith shop, etc...

In spite of the dust roads, I had a great bicycle ride around Mandalay, especially when I visited the stonecutter quarter along Sagaing-Mandalay Road. When you don't want to discover the town by bicycle, you can rent a personal vehicle with a rider here. Mandalay Palace, the most beloved sight and a historic site, is a bricked fortress, encircled by a large ditch in the centre of the town, just off the town.

I did, however, enjoy the Mandalay Palast and photographing its symmetrical and distinctive gazebos. For those who enjoy architectural highlights, a visit to this castle can be regarded as one of the best things in Mandalay. Fast tip: Entry to Mandalay Castle is part of the Mandalay Archaeological Zone pass. So if you also want to visit Shwenandaw Kyuang Monastery, which I strongly suggest, then get this pass so that you can visit both places.

Situated near Mandalay Hill, the Shwenandaw Convent was initially constructed in 1878 as part of the King's regal dwellings and is within the Mandalay Palace fortifications. However, after the deaths of his fathers in 1880, Mindon's sons, Thibaw, had it relocated to its present site and transformed it into a convange. l used to love this cloister!

I' ve been in total reverence during my whole visit! Shvenandaw is one of the most important sights in Mandalay and my favourite place in town. It is another convent near Shwenandaw, which King Mindon erected in 1857. On a personal level, I did not visit this convent because it was shut when I got out of Shwenandaw, but the entrance fee is also printed on the Mandalay Archeological Zone Pass, and you should put this convent on your Mandalay items.

Situated to the northern side of Mandalay Palace at 230 metres above sealevel, Mandalay Mountain is seen from much of the town. It was allegedly ascended by the Bhudda, who prophesied that a great town would be constructed at its base.

Reaching the top of Mandalay Hill via the built-in staircase system will take you about 45 minutes on foot and 15 minutes by car or taxicab. The Mandalay Hill offers a splendid 360 degrees of views of the town, especially during sundown, and from above you can see part of the town, breathtaking peaks, the Irrawaddy River and other remote uplands.

Watching the sun set from Mandalay Hill is definitely worth it and is one of the best things to do in Mandalay. Because I think the look at the sundown would be essentially the same. Both of these are very similar, near each other and are situated at the bottom of Mandalay Hill.

Sandamuni is home to the biggest picture of the Buddha of steel in Myanmar, while Kuthodaw is known as "the biggest ledger in the world", with each of the 729 flagstones on one side. The Mahamani Buddha Temple, also known as the Mahamuni Pagoda, built in 1785 by King Bodawpaya, is one of the most important places of Buddhism in Myanmar.

Without a doubt Maharani is one of the most important sights in Mandalay, not only for Buddhists, but for everyone. And Mandalay remains the Myanmar culture centre, even after the nation achieved British sovereignty in 1948 and Yangon became the capitol. During my time in town I chose to see a well-known and beloved show in Mandalay: the Moustache Brothers.

Enjoying the Moustache Brothers Show, I found their story of how they were detained during the Junior Army and what it was like to be in Myanmar at that time alluring. In terms of its culture and history, looking at the Moustache Brothers is certainly one of the funniest things to do in Mandalay.

Traveling to Mandalay cannot be completed without a visit to the area. These towns are so near Mandalay and it is so simple to get there that even if you only stay a few nights in Mandalay, I strongly suggest you visit at least one of them. Only 11 km from Mandalay, Amarapura was established in 1783 by King Bodawpaya and was twice the capitol of Myanmar, first from 1783 to 1821 and then from 1842 to 1859.

Today Amarapura is a Mandalay Township and has developed into one of the most popular places in Myanmar. Bahagandhayon Monastery, U Leg Bridges, Bagaya Monastery and Amarapura Palace remains. Amarapura, the world's longest and oldest wooden teenage girder 1.2km long, is seen by most visitors at the end of the afternoons.

However, if you expect to take a classical image of the Buddhist friars who cross the arch with the sundown in the back, the truth is that the U Bein is very touristic and overcrowded, so if the wheather is not perfect, I don't think it's really rewarding to go there at sundown.

A further ever more favourite destination is the Mahagandhayon monastery, especially during the monks' lunchtime (approx. 10 - 10:30 am). To see tens of thousand nuns in Burgundian red costumes in total tranquillity to gather their grocery offerings was very pictorial, and if you like to take photos, this is a good occasion to take exceptional photos.

It is a small city in the Sagaing region, situated on the bank of the Irrawaddy River and 11km north west of Mandalay. Mingun' s main touristic destination is Mingun Pahtodawgyi, an incomplete Stupa, which with a heigth of 150 meters (490 feet) would have been the biggest one.

Today the sanctuary is more of a touristic destination, but there is only a small sanctuary with a Buddha picture that is used as a place of adoration and contemplation. The Mingun bell, which weighs 90 tonnes and is the second biggest in the Mingun area.

This was poured in the giant Mingun Pahtodawgyi State, but is now on the west shore of the Irrawaddy River. A few metres from the bells is the Hsinbyume Pagoda (Myatheindan Pagoda), which is interesting because of its very prominent and prominent styling, which differs from all other types of pagoda in Mandalay.

The half days excursion from Mandalay to Mingun, taking photos in the Hsinbyume Pagoda and the study of Mingun Pahtodawgyi by a very well. It is easy to reach the town by boat from Mandalay for 5000 Ks (US$ 3,5) and by road or even by bike from the town of Sagaing. 3,5 Ks.

Alternatively, you can reserve your Irrawaddy Cruise Sunset or a half tour to Mingun with Viator, a travel agency. Remark: There is a Mingun - Saying Archaeological Charge, which is 5000 Ks (US$ 3.5). Myanmar's former capitol, on the west bank of the Ayeyarwady River, 21 km south-west of Mandalay, is also known for its hundred pieces of whitewashed pagoda, golden stupa and countless convents that cover its hills.

Sayaing Hill itself is very nice and scenic and from above you have a clear sight of the countryside and the canyon. Inwa, also known as Ava, was the Burmese capitol for almost 360 years from the fourteenth to nineteenth centuries (yes, another one) and was given up in 1839 after a severe quake.

About 28 km from Mandalay, the old emperor's capitol is a favourite excursion spot with some sights like Bagaya Monastery, Ava Palace, Hsin Kyone Fort and village and Maha Aungmye Bonzan Monastery. You can reach Inwa from Mandalay by boat and horse-drawn carriages are available upon your arrivals.

It is possible to take a full days trip to Inwa, Sagain, Amarapura and Mingun with Viator, a travel consultancy or by yourself using local rail. As Mandalay is one of the best places to go in one go, there are several places that offer touring.

It is recommended that you book your trip with Viator, a TripAdvisor firm, in advanced on-line. A few interesting Mandalay-hikes are:: The Mandalay Cultural Heritage Site Sightseeing. Antique cities, pagodas and sunset from Mandalay. The Mandalay Journey. Sunset Sunset U Bein Bridge Cycling Sunday from Mandalay. andalay is a very interesting town with many sights and activities, and your visit can be even more pleasant if you take at least one of these daily excursions.

Bohemian bikers are extremely welcoming and you can move around the town by bike or motorcycle. Like many other Myanmar towns there is not much to do at nights in Mandalay and most places are closed at 22:00 - 23:00. I' d say my best experience in the Mandalay area was cycling in the town, visit to Shwenandaw Monastery, visit to the Amarapura Monastery and take the boat to Mingun.

The U Bein Bridge and Mandalay Palace. So if you are going to plan your journey, now you know what to do in the Mandalay area, and you can also review my proposed routes for 1, 2 and 3 off. Travel safely and savour Mandalay. Where' s Mandalay? The Mandalay is 716 km northern of Yangon on the east shore of the Irrawaddy River (see chart here).

Mandalay can be reached by plane, coach, road, train and even by canoe. Mandalay has an intercontinental airfield that was fully refurbished in 2015. Several of the airlines that offer services to Mandalay are:: AirAsia, Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways, Myanmar Airway and others. Travelling by coach is the least expensive and simplest way to explore Myanmar.

Mandalay is served by bus from Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake, and some of the businesses are in operation: Family Traveller Express and Khyne Mandalay Express. From Yangon and Bagan there are also train services to Mandalay by Myanmar Railways (MR). Here you can make a reservation for a personal shuttle from Mandalay to Bagan.

Is it the best season to visit? Myanmar is the best place to visit from November to February, when the weather is warmer and the temperatures are cool. and it was very steamy and arid. What places to spend the night in Mandalay? It is one of the best activities in Mandalay to remain in the city centre, as it is near most of the sights.

A few of the Mandalay properties I suggest are: About the Link 78 Mandalay Boutique Hotel, Bagan King and Hotel Yadanarbon Mandalay. Luxury: The Red Canal and Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel. The Mandalay Historic Zone combination is one of the cleverest things to do in Mandalay, as you can visit all these attractions:

From the Atumashi Kyaung, Mandalay Cultural Museum, Kuthodaw Paya, Maharani Paya, Mandalay Palace, Paleik Paya, Shwenandaw Kyaung, the old towns of Amarapura and Inwa. The other activities in Mandalay include visiting Zay Cho Market and Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda at Nigh.

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