Is Myanmar a Democratic Country or not

Are Myanmar a democratic country or not?

After all, the NLD victory will not magically bring Myanmar together. However, this is by no means Aung San Suu Kyi's biggest problem. AFPFL has far-reaching effects in almost every village in the country. This nation in the heart of Southeast Asia has a mysterious reputation that precedes it. One of the nations that has chosen not to call the nation Myanmar.

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Making Myanmar's road to democratization uneven

In Napyidaw, the uncanny Myanmar capitol, on 30 March, Htin Kyaw was the first civil governor of the land to be swear in more than 50 years. In Myanmar's hybrids, the electorate elects the House of Representatives, and then the members of the House of Representatives choose the Speaker. Last November, his political group, Aung San Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD), won the majority in both chambers of this House, making it easy for it to choose its electioneer.

Myanmar's military leader Min Aung Hlaing, who has governed Myanmar since 1962 either directly or through his figleaf political group, said he supported the country's democratically integrated state. That seems to be a victory for Burma's democrat. Htin Kyaw was not the NLD's or Myanmar's first election as prime minister. You would have favoured Miss Suu Kyi, but the draft bill prohibits anyone who has a child or wife from doing the top level work ( "their son, like their deceased husbands, are Britons; most believe the club was specially designed to keep them out of office).

It will lead the state from the State Department, while Mr. Htin Kyaw, her long-time confidant and faithful keeper, will hold a kind of nominee chair. The appointment of a marionette leader and the infiltration of the Constitutional Treaty are an unfavourable start for a faction that is committed nominationally to promoting democratisation, openness and the constitutional state.

However, the greater democratic menace comes from the expansionary force that Myanmar's military charter has. Speaking at a march 27, Min Aung Hlaing reminds Myanmar's people that the military must "secure the security of the country" and "be present in a leadership position in domestic politics".

It'?s the constitutional charter that was drawn up to maintain this part. There are three mighty departments controlled by the army: defense, frontier and interior. It is through these departments that the Armed Forces dominate the National Council for Defense and Security, which can dissolve Congress, enact the laws of war and rule the state. The amendment of the Constitutional Treaty will require a 75%+1 parliamentary vote; since the Armed Forces have legally reserved 25% of the seat, they have an eternal power of attorney.

The civil and military governments will therefore basically oversee different parts of the administration. NLD's main priority is to achieve sustainable prosperity and sustainable peacemaking with minority communities along the country's frontiers, some of whom have been struggling with the federal administration for many years. If Myanmar's federal administration does not extend the scope of the state to the resource-rich border areas, its economies will never achieve their full potentials.

However, this can demand of the new administration that it makes compromises that the armed forces do not like, and the army's oversight of frontier matters and defense departments, as well as its operative autonomy, give it an efficient power of attorney. The impact of this dispute will decide whether Myanmar continues on the path to democratisation or whether the military takes the helm for a turn.

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