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Two Myanmar jadeitite zirconia samples were separated for texture, mineral inclusion, U-Pb dating and trace element analysis. Does Myanmar's Java store cause tension? Myanmar In recent months, almost 400,000 refugees from the state of Rakhine have fled to Bangladesh, leading to a human rights war. UN Security Council has condemned the Rohingya tribe as "ethnic cleansing". Global Witness' reports suggest that the depletion of the world' s resources, especially the billion-dollar trade in Java, could also play a role in the country' s worship and population tension.

Burma has some of the biggest and best stocks of it. In 2014, according to a Global Witness survey, the country's total value of its youth manufacturing sector was 31 billion dollars, half of Myanmar's GDP in 2014. None of that cash reaches the average person.

Rather - according to the reports - the industry is stealthily under the control of elite missions. Whereas some 100 large Myanmar mine operators are active, the survey shows that they are under the control of only 10 or 15 proprietors. The main recipients of profitable trading are former and present civil servants of the governments and the armed forces.

"Myanmar's license system is widely open to bribery and nepotism. Key allowances are in the government-controlled areas of Hpakant Municipality in Kachin State, and the blocs are allocated through a centralized procedure, which several industrial sectors say favors businesses associated with influential personalities and high-ranking civil servants. With the words of one dyed-in-the-wool entrepreneur: "If a big head is in play, they will certainly get it," the story says.

In 2014, according to the China administration, Myanmar gem stone exports were valued at $12.3 billion, while other informal valuations were much lower. One of Myanmar's most valuable assets, Ć½Jade is inseparable from the Kachin War. Observing how licenced businesses, under the control of their biggest foes, are devouring their own heritage is a wellspring of boiling grudges among the Kachin peoples.

Some say: "The forest is in our gardens, but we must not consume the fruits," the story says. Are there links between the jet-industries and what is now going on with the Rohingya population? Myanmar militaries have an oversized political, economic and welfare function under the constitution, which gives them 25 per cent and a right of vote to amend the constitution.

Furthermore, the army is controlling core economic industries, and this privileged position really keeps the army out of civil account. However, the civil regime cannot call the army to account for any action or abuse against indigenous peoples, even the self-identified Rohingya. Burma is a resource-rich country - its resources include hydrocarbons.

Currently, pipes are being constructed to link Myanmar with China. There is an off-shore natural-gas field that has been constructed and pipeline construction to bring Myanmar's natural and synthetic hydrocarbons to China. Rather than creating employment..... and boosting the economies, they have caused resentments among the locals, who have the feeling that they are not benefiting from these ventures.

These mega projects - which could theoretically benefit the locals - thus have the opposite effect and actually only promote mistrust of the federal administration and the army and the further exclusion of the locals - which is currently not conducive to the Rakhine region. See the Global Witness review for more information.

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