Is it Safe to Visit Myanmar now

Are you sure it's safe to visit Myanmar now?

"and we like to say YES because Myanmar is a very peaceful country in Southeast Asia. Briefly, it is safe to visit Myanmar, so we recommend you to visit our very peaceful country. She's in good health now. So I hope you're feeling a little more familiar with Myanmar now. The only thing you need to feel safe in Myanmar is a smile (and mosquito repellent).

Are you sure it's secure to go to Myanmar now?

With the recent Rohingya war in Rakhine, West Burma, some travelers are worried whether or not it is secure to be there. I would like to shed some light on this matter as a native and reassure travelers that it is indeed safer to come to Myanmar now.

When it comes to transport, you can fly, sail or fly to Myanmar, and none of these transport options are hazardous. Though traveling by plane is by far the most frequent and comfortable way to get to Myanmar, some travelers decide to arrive from Myawaddy, a frontier area near Thailand or the Muse frontier near China.

On arrival in Yangon, travelers have the opportunity to take either the coach, rail or sea coach (recently started in October 2017), all of which are secure for travelers. In order to get around, I strongly advise you to take a cab, a good and comfortable way to explore the town. If you decide to go to the neighbouring areas such as Pansodan and Pabedan, where the Muslim population lives, you can be sure that you will not experience any unrest or conflict, as the local people are living there peacemaking.

In some states where there have been unrest, tourist towns such as Mandalay, Bagan, Nyaung Shwe and even Mrauk U are fully inaccessible. Burma is considered one of the most friendly ethnical groups in Southeast Asia. It is a good way to learn the facts about the Myanmar politics and events.

There is no cause for concern for Muslims who are concerned that they will be evaded and cannot find halal foods throughout Myanmar. It is also important to note that there are still some areas in Myanmar (including the major Rakhine conflicts such as Maungdaw and Bu-thee-tuang) that should best be prevented during your visit to Myanmar.

Some areas of the land are off-limits to the public because of the continuing civilian conflicts. There is currently a major conflict in Laukkaing (the north of Shan State) and in Kachin State, especially near the townships of Hpakant, where there are some conflicts between the racial groups and the military.

The most important areas to avoid when travelling to Myanmar. Other areas are to be visited and explored safely. May I assure you that the conflict in the state of Rakhine and the continuing fighting in Myanmar will not affect your travelling in my state.

Except for these areas, Myanmar is completely safer to tour and I suggest you come to this wonderful land to see what it has to show with your own eye. He has traveled a lot in Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) and it doesn't make any difference if he has to go alone or with the group.

He only cares about traveling.

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