Is it Safe to Travel to Myanmar now

Now is it safe to travel to Myanmar?

Myanmar visitors are advised to avoid demonstrations and large gatherings. When you travel to Myanmar, you must know my first Myanmar travel tip, go now! So if that's the case, I hope they're okay now. Enjoy Bagan, as I'm sure safe travel. There are still areas that are taboo for tourists today, and visitors must make sure that they know where they can and cannot travel to.

Traveling to Myanmar, is it safe?

Up to 300,000 Rohingya Moslems are believed to have escaped from Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh. Is Myanmar still safe for travelers? Please check with your travel physician at least 6 days before your journey to make sure you can get all your vaccinations before you go to provide the best shelter.

Myanmar's main vaccines are diptheria, hepatitis A and typhoid, hepatitis A. Many of Myanmar has a chance of getting an antimalarial drug before you go be sure to verify your goals and prescribing force. Mosquitos in Myanmar can transmit a wide range of other illnesses, not just mosquitoes.

Eruptions of dengue fevers, chikkungunya fevers and zica viruses may occur, and since there are no vaccines for these conditions, the only way to completely prevent illness. Operate only filled or sterilized waters. Drinking mains running on Myanmar is not safe and can be full of germs.

Most safe food is food that has been cooked because cooking will kill all germs.

Women traveling alone in Myanmar. - Central Forum

Women traveling alone in Myanmar. All of the contributions have been really useful, but as a woman who makes a Myanmar journey all alone and is considering taking the Yangon to Bagan or Mandalay trains, does anyone have any hints or advices? Women traveling alone in Myanmar. I was alone in Myanmar for two whole week last year and didn't have a bit of a trouble.

All are very friendly and supportive and you will not be bothered. When I felt that I was being taken more care of by my family when they saw that I was alone, like the two brothers approaching me on the platoon to tell me that we were being transferred to another platoon and helping me to transport my baggage.

I' ve taken the Inle Lake to Yangon and I don't suggest it for the sake of convenience, but there's no difficulty taking the procession as a single woman. Women traveling alone in Myanmar. Hello, I am living in Yangon, the former Myanmar capitol. You should stay here for at least two week.

Myanmar is a very astonishing land.... very kind and supportive with a nice smile. Of course you can take the rail to Majalay and take the buses to Manwya and Pakistan and the boats to Nyaung U. and Bangan.

Women traveling alone in Myanmar. They can take a coach to Bagan and Mandalay for about 10$ - 12$. Mayan Mar are safe for single travellers. Women traveling alone in Myanmar. I' ve just come back from a 3-day journey to Bagan via Yangon this week-end as a single traveller. As good practise I did quite a lot of research on single trips/female travel experience in Myanmar and found no big marmosets.

Indeed, I have largely learnt that Myanmar is one of the safe towns in SEA for single travellers. I' m malaysian and don't look much different than the Myanmar girl. In my first half lesson in Yangon I was spoken to by two men who asked me where I was going and where I came from.

It was also a very impudent man on my platoon (he was a companion) who even ventured to go into my own booth, to shut the doors - just to order a cafe. In Bagan the villagers were very respectable and supportive (while maintaining their own privacy).

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