Is it Safe to Travel to Myanmar 2016

Will it be safe to travel to Myanmar in 2016?

Q: "Is it safe to travel to Myanmar? Taxis takes over the reins of Stray's Southeast Asia Adventure Travel NetworkMay 13, 2016In "News". Myanman's cuisine is among the best in Asia. Replied October 10, 2016 - Author has 305 replies and 295. At the age of one day we started our trip to Burma with children to explore Yangon.

Isn' it safer to go to Myanmar? |

I' ve been asked not once but innumerable occasions if a trip to Myanmar is really safe. Thought it was the right moment to put down my own thoughts about it, on the basis of my travel experiences there. Before my trip, my on-line and off-line fans asked me if the security of the land was my desire to travel to Myanmar and why I felt so confident about being there.

Myanmar, I certainly had no clue if I was really sure what I had then, was a powerful wish to be in that state. Will it be safe to travel to Myanmar? Also for single travellers. I' m going there alone for 10 nights with little information about the land. Fortunately Eishel, a Filipino who works as an Englishman in Mae Sot Thailand, came to save me the eve of my departure from Thailand to Myanmar.

After my arrival in Myawaddy, after I had crossed the Thai island of Mae Sot I was received cordially by the immigrant officials, who were all men in a small room. As they were editing my listing, I asked them with confidence if it was safe for me to travel the state.

They undoubtedly said "YES" and gave me words of intelligence and certainty not to be scared of anyone who is willing to help whenever I need something. This first meeting with the Myanmar tribe was an unforgettable one. So why do I say it's SAFER? I may have different experiences from other travellers who have been there.

No, I didn't listen to any nightmares when I was there (except those that were contaminated with foods, is that regarded as a nightmare? My observations show that the places I went (Myawaddy, Hpa-an, Inle Lake, Bagan and Yangon) are absolutely safe. The Burmese are the kindest folk I know. I am grateful to them from the bottom of my heart that I am visiting their land.

Like the Filipinos, they like sharing what they have of eating and drinking and checking if I need anything else. There were travellers or other visitors suffering from poisonous foods, perhaps they were also suffering from dehydration due to the overwhelmingly high temperatures. I think the dinner's fine.

Tofusalat, lettuce, mutton balls with paddy and my favourite watt things. There were some of their nutrition that is really good, yet some were not, by my nosiness I had toured their road nutrition like tofusalate, lamb nuts with brown and my favourite watt things like htoak and pigstick. Unfortunately, the boamboo salads they served at my FIRST Mypanic dinner were insipid and boring, which almost made me puke, which reminded me of the scent and taste that influenced my taste for every Myanmar dish.

Fortunately, I am outstanding all the while, despite the "bamboo salad" that I enjoyed first. Although Myanmar has potable mineral springs on almost every nook and cranny, they can also supply tourist access to potable mineral waters, with the exception of free coach trips for all people. In order to really empathize, they have the V. I had to take the V.I.P. coach, its long distances, the long travel times I had with overnight busses and I desire to take theVP.

It gives you the liberty to be yourself when you're out in the countryside. Most of the times I was wearing pants. The Myanmar residents are wearing Longyi for men and woman. However, for emergencies and other means to demonstrate that the land is safe to travel, you can use their on-line portals of the state.

After all, the Myanmar domestic dispute has not affected my trip, I still have a feeling of security. Council's words, please be a liable tourist, there are areas that have a civil conflict with the new regimen, be in the cycle if you are in the countryside or not traveling to those few areas.

All in all, I still say that it is SAFER to travel to Myanmar. Now do you think you're safe to go to Myanmar? Authors note: This is my own view when I travelled to Myanmar from May 7-17, 2016. It' on the basis of my own experiences, my real observations and my sincere perceptions. When there has been an on-going conflict after this incident, please contact your local consulate or the Council of the Federal Administration for travel to the state.

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