Is it Safe to Travel to Myanmar 2015

Will it be safe to travel to Myanmar in 2015?

The Ethics & Restlessness in 2015". Burma is a safe destination for tourists, but it is important to consider culture-specific issues. Trip to Myanmar in 2015. It' safe for women travelling alone. All in all, I still say that it is SAFER to travel to Myanmar.

Myanmar: 8 good causes for a trip in 2015

Of all the Southeast Asia lands I have been to this season, Myanmar was by far the most striking one. I' ve only given 8 good reason to come to Myanmar, just because I didn't want to spend your precious spare moment looking for flight and lodging on TripAdvisor or Skyscanner.

In 2015 is the moment to leave, because it has only recently been opened to the tourist industry and NOTHING has been urbanised for the needs of intolerable people. So, leave everything and go to the country of gold spires and a smile. Cultural and historic sites are finally diluted to address the needs of growing tourist and globalisation, but Myanmar BARELY has put in place an effective structure so that you know that what you see is as genuine as possible.

While in Myanmar I was meeting my colleague Drew (aka The Hungry Partier) for a week-long quest in Myanmar and we were led around by a kindie called Sai. He was in the midst of setting up his own tour group to show the wonderful miracles of Myanmar to foreigners from all over the globe, and we were his test dolls (haha).

Everybody at the inn was envious that we were connected. I' ve never felt in jeopardy during my stay in Myanmar. One of them even went to camp in the wild with a chance fellow she saw at the shelter!

In Myanmar alone I took over 1000 pictures because the architectural design was simply UNREAL. There is no way to get out of Myanmar without going to Shwedagon Pagoda, because there are few things on this earth that are so well conserved and overwhelming. $1 is essentially like 1000 Myanmar Kie. It all costs from 500-4000 kyats if you keep away from crowded tourism sites and restuarant.

You should be aware, however, that there are few places to spend the night in Myanmar, as the tourist industry is just beginning to recover. We' ve been paying around 18,000 kyats a days in our hostels and you can find your own Yangon youth hostels through either Hostel World or

After spending the night at Humble Footprints Hostel, we made a lot of good mates every mornings. During the 7 workdays I was there I went to the suggested 4 TIMES spas because the massage was 8000 Kie. All right, now you REALLY have no excuse not to go to Myanmar.

Now WIDE OPEN for travellers allows travellers to obtain their visas in advance, making it much less discouraging for the choosy traveller. immigration is also no ache ( "like Cambodia -_-;"), so you are in and out and on with your living in no case. View more pictures like these on Instagram!

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