Is it Safe to Travel to Myanmar 2015

Will it be safe to travel to Myanmar in 2015?

The Shan and Kachin states have experienced renewed violence in 2016, but areas such as Lake Inle are safe to visit. The author's note: This is my own opinion when I travelled to Myanmar from May 7-17, 2016. I just got my dentist back from a family visit. More information on security in Myanmar can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If I travel alone, I would plan $8 per night and in a $12 pair per night to be on the safe side.

Can Myanmar travel safely?

After Aung San Suu Kyi's (National League for Democracy) political group wanted a landslide in Myanmar, we thought it was the right moment to bring our thoughts on travelers' security to this enigmatic state. Burma is a land of mystery. It is good to know that things are about to change, that the regime is opening up to the outside and, above all, that the tourist industry (at least the right kind of tourism) is seen as a welcome bargain by all political groups in the state.

Traveling in the U.S. is as safe as in any other Southeast Asian state as long as you take the Federal Cartel Office's counsel and a vacation in Myanmar offers you the advantages of a wealth of culture, breathtaking scenery and exquisite cuisine, far away from the crowds. Myanmar's general preoccupation with travel is the potential for conflicts during holidays.

However, it is important to bear in mind that any disruptions usually occur locally in certain voltage areas known to the Bundeskartellamt. There would be no travelers there. Burma's population in all municipalities wants to see a flourishing tourist industry (at least sustainable tourism), and it is in nobody's interest to disturb aliens.

Since 1992, the state has been pursuing a strategy of openness, and with the "election" of the military-backed civil administration in 2010, the new management has put into effect a powerful strategy of encouraging the tourist industry and greeting the public. The National League of Democracy is also in favor. Aung San Suu Kyi - chair of the Burma Movement - said in an 2011 meeting that she supports trips to Burma "if they proceed in the right way, using institutions that help normal human beings and avoid maintaining ties with the state.

By winning the November election, we are hoping that this is a good signal for sustainable development of local tourist industry. Burma is a safe tourist haven, but it is important to consider culture-specific questions. It is important to recall that there are many conscientious detainees behind prisoners' jails just because they have expressed their disagreements with the state.

In spite of the NLD election, there are still old structures of authority of the former army regime, and it is best to prevent confrontation. In general, Myanmar has the same problems as any other traveler' s country in the whole wide globe - pocket picking and theft. You should always keep an overview of your valuable items and take the necessary precautionary measures to keep them safe.

Travelling in Myanmar is a safe and rewarding journey - an activity we want to inspire others to take. Visit Myanmar, know what to look for and be respectful of the way of living - get the best out of your vacation and be a catalyser for the changes in this country of the unknown.

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