Is it Safe to Travel to Burma

Are you sure it's safe to go to Burma?

Being a woman, I felt like it was relatively safe to travel alone, even at night. However, how easy is it to be a responsible tourist? Not such a great health system in Myanmar, it's better safe than sorry. It is time to visit Burma before the pace of change is sustained. Well, now that you have the basic idea of how safe it is to visit Myanmar, let's take a closer look at the solo women's journey.

What is Myanmar like?

Myanmar's criminality rates in security are low compared to other counties in the area, but these statistics could only be due to the fact that there is just not much to be stolen. Irrespective of the reason, offences against foreign nationals are punishable. In spite of the possibility of these severe penalties, the number of pickpocketing and pickpocketing, especially against foreign nationals, is on the rise as the country's economy improves and the memories of the tyranny of the military jungle fade away.

Myanmar is in fact very secure for aliens unless you are fighting the regime or marching directly into an ethnical border dispute in the midst of a war. Indeed, the Lonely Planet has classified Myanmar as one of the most secure places in the whole wide globe for migrants.

Myanmar's sociable vibrancy, especially in the countryside, is described by the visitor as the most lovable part of the state. Find out more about the present Myanmar policy as well as the responses to 205 more Myanmar 2014 questions:

Entrepreneurs need to set up a business in Myanmar.

Whereto to go and how to move around

Burma has become one of the most popular tourist attractions this year, with a vibrant countryside, busy city areas and many historical remains. However, traveling in Burma (Myanmar) does require forward-scheduling, and it is still not a goal that most people have discovered. You will need to undergo extensive preparatory work before departure, which includes examining the ongoing state of the U.S. Department of State's website (always look for trip warnings), attending a hospital for a round of vaccinations and obtaining a vaccination/permit.

In Myanmar, there are often limitations on travellers who stop them in certain parts of the countryside or forbid them to go out at nights. Make sure you design an ingenious, in-depth route that follows the government's regulations on where visitors are allowed to stay. As most domestic air services must be arranged through agents (not available online) and accommodations may be restricted, it is best to book your flight and accommodations in advanced.

It is a one-of-a-kind, busy town, which merits at least a whole days of discovery. Bicycle lovers should consider a stopover at Bicycle World Bed, Breakfast and Bicycle. Possessed by a very welcoming Australian-Burmese married pair with a preference for everything to do with the bicycle, inexpensive accommodation is convenient and pricewater. You can also help with the organisation of bicycle tours in the area.

Bagan's 4,000 old buddhistic monasteries are good enough reasons to start the long trip to Myanmar. For the first few days in Old Bagan, visit the area's most beloved churches, such as Ananda Pagoda (a well-preserved, gigantic church with a strikingly golden tip ) and Thatbyinnyu Theatre.

During the following few day you can hire a bicycle, hire a card and visit the lesser-known central plain of Bagan. Don't miss the Sin-byu-shin compound (breathtaking views!) and the Wi-ni-do group, which contains splendid old mural paintings. Bicycles for hire are virtually as old as the temple and the standard is to hire low-profile tyres!

In order to get to Bagan, take a relatively inexpensive quick plane or a long, inexpensive coach trip (approx. 10 - 12 hours) from Yangon. It is also easy to get to Bagan from other major touristic locations. For good reasons, Inle is on the hiking path. This glittering water is home to a number of intriguing ethnical minorities who live in pile dwellings both within the water and on the lake's edge.

Take a scenic cruise to see the historic fishermen's villages up close, or hire a bicycle and get a ticket and ride your bicycle around the lake. When you are on your way to Inle Lake and have little spare working hours or are weary of long coach trips, take a flight to Heho Airport, 41 kilometres away.

Otherwise Lake Inle is well linked to other touristic sites by coach. If you want to go off the well-trodden paths, we recommend an excursion to the countryside of Hsipaw. The walks in the nearby hills are quite spectacular - but you should definitely take a tour leader with you, as it is very simple to get lost along un-marked, covered paths.

Drive at your own peril, because the coaches are very, very old! A last wise thing to say before you plan your journey - wait for the unforeseen when you arrive in Burma. At the end of your journey, please allow at least one open days so that an unforeseen event (e.g. delayed rail journey, cancellation of flights, diarrhoea etc.) does not result in a delayed plane ticket back to the USA!

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