Is it Safe to Travel to Burma

Are you sure it's safe to go to Burma?

Secure food when travelling in Myanmar. Food hygiene in Myanmar is still a developing country. Myanman's cuisine is among the best in Asia. - The insurance is recommended. Myanmar is relatively safe for visitors to other areas.

Responsible travel in Burma

Previously strained politics hindered many visitors. So if you choose this southern Indian destination, here are a few responsible travel advice. Burma's policy makes the issue of travel challenging. Only a few had high hopes when the old army regimes passed over to a nominal civil but still militarily supported ruling in March 2011.

So if you choose to go to Burma, here are a few responsible itineraries. What made travelers stay away? Historically, the Burma National League for Democracy (NLD) has been arguing that a trip to Burma is supporting the Burma regimes and putting funds into the government's pocket.

Burma's government's efforts to raise the number of tourists in the 1990' were boycotted by many travelers, although some argue that this increased the isolating status of Burma's common population. Aung San Su Kyi of the NLD now proposes that conscientious travelers can help transform Burma.

Others pro-boycott campaigners, such as Burma Campaign UK, have also recently turned their backs on this subject. Burma's population always welcomes tourists, and with a little thought, much of the funding you are spending may go to the public rather than to the state. What can I do to maximize the amount of funds that goes directly to the population?

Every visitor to Burma must contribute a visitor's visit to Burma and must contribute a surcharge. For a complete listing, please visit the free Should I Go to Burma? section of Lonely Planet. This can help distribute the funds you are spending to a number of smaller companies where it is less likely that the mode will make a break.

Do you want me to go on an organized trip? Organized travelers usually have less interactions with the population of Burma than individuals. In the past, there have been indications that some organized trips are aimed at companies with close ties to the state. However, some major multinational travel companies such as Transindus and Wild Frontiers are working with local authorities in Burma.

Yangon has a small number of Yangon travel agencies that can provide travel guide, transportation and lodging in the Yangon - try Good News Travels and Columbus Travels. What should I do in Burma? Myanmar is a very safe place, but the encounter with the Myanmar population demands sensibility and dexterity. Don't ask the natives what they think about the government, and be careful with places that handle ethnical minority groups as rides - especially the "long-necked" Shan state female-padaungers.

More information can be found in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's travel to Burma advicein.

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