Is it Safe to go to Myanmar

Are you sure it's safe to go to Myanmar?

The question was about our personal safety; was it too dangerous to go? It is also the busiest time of the year, with prices and availability at a reasonable price. The water is safe when boiled or chemically treated. We are blessed that we can call a beautiful and safe country our home.

Safer travel tips for Myanmar.

Most of Myanmar safe to visit: tour operators

Frontier areas like Rakhine and Kachin Northern Shan are taboo.

There are fears that the actual impact on the sector will be felt in 2018.

Travellers vaccines and advice for Burma

How is the cholera in Burma threatened?

Will I need a visa or passport for Burma?

Formal letters of authorization must be presented upon entry into Burma.

How is the climate in Burma?

It is an excellent period to come to Burma between November and February. Are you sure Burma is safe to go?

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