Is it Safe to go to Burma

Are you sure it's safe to go to Burma?

Traffic safety in Burma - two women on the back of a truck in Yangon. Use the lockers in your room to keep them safe, either at the hotel or on board the cruise. Inoculations may be required for travel to Burma. What is the safety of travelling in Myanmar and should we support it with our tourist funds? Scenery is breathtaking, monuments like Bagan Temples are unique, Burmese are super friendly and the country is safe.

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Travel with children | 13 tips | Southeast Asia | Myanmar travel guide

Travelling with kids requires a great deal of effort. It is not always a simple matter to find useful information about Myanmar. Fully open to the tourist industry in 2011 (there are still limited areas), Myanmar is a well-trodden path for many people. Do you travel to Myanmar with your kids? The above hints can be useful to have the best trip to Myanmar for you and your group.

Burma has a large selection of fruits, most of them of tropic origins. It is important to know when it is their time of year so you can know which are locally (fresh) and which are beeing brought in (usually from China and not new and with many chemicals). Watermelon is available all year round; the best seasons are from January to March and the Pwin Oo Lwin are the best.

Myanmar has the best and freshest mangos at the beginning of the wet seasons from May to July. There are Myanmar mangoes in different forms and flavours and with different name. The Jack is available in the wet seasons from June to the end of October; the flavour can be a little too powerful and sugary for your child.

known as the "King of Fruits" in Southeast Asian countries and is available during the hottest months of the year from February to May. Remember that it is very small and that many Myanmar establishments are not allowed to bring this kind of food into their rooms! TIP: Rinse the berries with bottled rather than mains running waters.

In the large towns such as Yangon and Mandalay, drinking and drinking waters are not treated and managed according to West European norms. During our vacations we try to enhance our negotiation abilities; but after a long trip and bedtime for your kids, it is better to arrange everything before your trip to Myanmar.

Travelling with kids can be hard if you are relying on a personal cab. The Heho Airport, which operates the Inle-Lake Region, is 55 minutes by car from the city. One of Myanmar's most visited destinations is Balloons Over Bagan. It is forbidden for expectant mothers and infants under 8 years of age.

There' is no babysitter and the motel and the starting point and drop-off point of the balloon above the city of Ba?an vary. Although most of the objects below are found in Myanmar in the remotest areas, it will be hard to find tissue! Bottled waters are safe for drinking in Myanmar.

It' a little different from the kind of running swill we drink at home. It'?s got no trace elements - it?s osmosis waters. Toss a trial that removes all mineral from the waters (don't ask me why - one of Burma's secrets). It is best to drink mineral waters such as Evian, Fuji or Bucovina, which are available in the most important Yangon hypermarkets.

It can be difficult to find these stamps in Bagan or Inle Lake. TIP: Try to buy good grade and treated waters. For Myanmar hotels, it is important to note that the clarity of the stars and the standard of hotels may not be the same as in Thailand, Singapore or Spain.

The 3* in Myanmar will be the same as a 2* in Myanmar. Although the rates of the 4* Myanmar 4* are above the Southeast Asian averages, it is recommended to choose a Higher Quality one. Myanmar 4 or 5* accommodation is the best choice for families.

After a long, warm days in Bagan or Inle Lake, what can be more enjoyable to go out for a dip and a relaxing drink by the poolside while your youngsters have a great one? TIP: Choose from a large selection of luxurious Myanmar hostels from Amazing, Aureum or Novotel.

Picture @Bagan Lodge Myanmar. Only a few of our establishments have more than one crib and if other people with children stay in the establishment, you may have a child who sleeps in our crib. Not such a great healthcare system in Myanmar, it's better safe than sorry.

This is the best way to solve serious issues if you have health issues during your journey to Myanmar. Concerning the vaccinations needed for Myanmar, the vaccine schedule can be split into two parts: Recommended vaccinations for Myanmar: TIP: Before you travel, please review your vaccine map and consult your health care professional for the precise vaccine you and your children will need when travelling in Myanmar and Southeast Asia.

Travelling with your infant or toddler can be a challenge, especially when it comes to staying asleep and asleep. However, not all kids are the same. Attempt to reserve an air-conditioned room. TIP: Organize your day trips in Myanmar well to have a lucky kid and not miss the most important sights in Myanmar.

Myanmar's hospitality business is evolving faster and faster. However, during the tourist seasons, which begin in November and end in May with the high seasons on New Year's Eve and Christmas, good quality accommodation is fully reserved. The last minutes do not work very well in Myanmar; not because the idea does not work, but because the demands are higher than the offer of luxuries and good resorts.

TIP: Book your hotel reservation at least 2 month in advanced through a Myanmar based tourist office. However, at the same timeframe, depend on the area you are travelling or for the season of the year, do not forgetting to take some warm clothing as a small coat or a shower.

Cachin and Putão in the north of Myanmar has a cooler weather with snows during the year. Mornings and evenings are a little cooler at Lake Inle. On the Inle Lake trips, a hat is a must to keep the warm midday sundown out. Keep away from the heat when it's hotter and plan your trips early in the day or later in the afternoons.

But it is not yet available in Myanmar, but there are a few indigenous applications like Oway Ride. Ajinomoto, or monosodium glutamate, or ajinomoto is a very much-loved and at the same tought in Myanmar and especially in Southeast Asia and China. Prior to ordering a meal, let the waiters know that they are not pushing MSG into the meal; in Myanmar it is most commonly used in all places, especially on the streets and in China cuisine.

Fly with children - KLM has made a great contribution or follows Anna in her adventure with her mates. Are you looking for fun trips with your families in Myanmar?

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