Is Burma Safe to Visit

Are you sure Burma is safe to visit?

Burma or Myanmar has become a hotspot for adventurous travellers, but civil unrest has raised questions about the safety of travel to the country. The experts here still think it's safe to leave? Myanmar is a safe country in terms of crime. ((Update) Do not go to the Myanmar embassy in Jalan Ampang Hilir now to apply for a visa. Find out what measures you can take to stay healthy and safe on your journey.

Are you sure it's safe to go to Myanmar? Tourist consulting for Yangon and other parts of Burma

Myanmar has long been an up-and-coming tourist hot spot with famous tourist attractions such as Yangon and Bagan. However, the Burmese, also known as Burma, has been making news since mid-2017 for completely different causes, as parts of Myanmar have been affected by civilian conflict and attack on Rohingya Muslims.

Here are the latest tips if you are planning on exploring the places of interest and towns of Myanmar. So what is the Federal Foreign Office's latest tip for Myanmar? The Commonwealth Office advises against travelling in some areas of Myanmar. They are Rakhine State, Paletwa and Kachin Townships in the south of Chin State, the northern part of Shan State and Kachin State.

A number of districts in these areas are not covered and can be viewed on the Federal Foreign Office's website. Northern Shan State is a conflicting area in which there is a presence of military groups, as is Kachin State. Lashio city and Lashio International Airfield, Shan State, were recently added to the no-go areas after a bombing in a bench that murdered two and seriously wounded 22 others.

Myanmar's civilian turmoil is seen as potentially unsettling, while there has been much dissatisfaction around the globe with the way Rohingya Muslims have been treated, leaving the land of Myanmar in the hands of tens of thousands of people. Against this background, there has been much discussion about whether it is now ethically justifiable to go to Myanmar.

Nevertheless, the touristic sector recently recorded an 18% growth in visitor numbers. Myanmar is recommended that people do not attend rallies or large meetings. Where are Myanmar's famous resorts? Favourite Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, and Bagan have no special travelling limits and are generally considered safe.

Nampan, a seaside town with a gold coupe erected on pontoons, is a favourite holiday resort in the southern Shan State and is considered safe to visit. Which further recommendations does the Bundeskartellamt give? Burma is threatened by common seismic and vibration, while the cycle period, which generally lasts from April to October, is another period to keep abreast of when you plan to visit the land during these heats.

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