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If Burma is

It is patriotism when love for one's own people comes first; nationalism when hatred for people other than one's own comes first. How many miles and kilometers from Burma to Malaysia, air travel shortest distance from Burma to Malaysia. The truth about what is happening in the Muslims of Rohingya or Myanmar.

Are Burma/Myanmar secure?

There is no ATM´s, which means you have to bring a great deal of money with you. Local people know that I've been hearing many tales of taxis being stolen at the intersection just after you left the city. Large parts of the land are also under the control of smugglers, a alien is a great way for them to get a little more money.

That is why kidnapping of aliens happens every day, even in Yangon and Mandalay. Don't want to frighten you, there are aliens who are happy and don't get deprived / gunned / abducted, but then you have the ailment of malaria, HIV, dengue, TB, Ebola, plague etc. Burma has the highest number of malaria fatalities in Asia, with a relatively small populations.

udyard Kiplings Burma: three raptures

That is Burma, and it will be very different from any country you know. Sudyard Kipling (1865-1936) stayed only three nights in Burma (Myanmar), and yet this short stay had a deep impact on him. In March 1889, the then 23-year-old English author held a cruise from Calcutta to San Francisco in Rangoon (Yangon).

He has written about his journeys in a string of epistles to The Pioneer in India, compiled ten years later as From Sea to Sea, Letter of Travel. Kirtling's attendance followed the Third Anglo-Burma War (1885), which led to the Anglo-Burma conflict, and the exiles of Theebaw (Thibaw), the last remaining ruler of the Kingdom of Burma, Ava.

Although the hostilities were over, the opposition to Britain's domination still claimed deaths. Rangoon's first glimpses of the "bushy and muddy" port were not good, but a look at the Shwedagon Pagoda altered all that: When he overlooked everything, he seemed to be explaining everything about Burma.

His report on his trip to Shwedagon - then and now Burma's holiest Buddhist sanctuary - would not be out of place in a contemporary itinerary. I was unaware of the significance of the Guardians, the inner life of the major part of the Virgin Mary and the innumerable little ones. Another thing that appeals to today's travelers is how simple it is to cast a spell over Burma.

In spite of the malevolent malignancies that have been emanating from army domination for many years, the land and its inhabitants have the same relaxed charms as Kipling: One of the off-the-shelf complaints of the colonialists was that the Burmese were rotten and would under no circumstances "go down the path of fair industry".

So if two third of your girlfriends were smiling, cheerful little gals and the rest positive cute, wouldn't you be spending your free moment makingove? He was not the first Westerner, and we don't think he was the last to find Burma's wives esthetically appealing. Philip Adolphe Klier, a famous portrait artist who lived in Rangoon during Kipling's stay, had a good home base for his portrait of the city.

Yangon was not without his sorrowful times. I' d got to the edge of the haze that is hiding Upper Burma, and I would have given a lot to go up the stream and see a lot of old buddies now living in the jungles. Following the departure from Rangoon, Kipling's steamship made an unplanned stop in Moulmein (Mawlamyine).

Formerly the capitol of British Burma (1826-1852), the city on the river was so tranquil in 1889 that Ki-pling was confident that its only occupants were elephants: It is a dozy city, only one thick home, strewn by a beautiful brook and populated by gradual, ceremonial elephant palisades for their own distraction.

Besides, Moulmein hasn't really moved much from the dozy place he came to all those years ago. He and his companions discovered "a large blank coupé encircled by many small coupons". This large silhouette to which it relates is named Kyaik-Tha-lun and still overlooks the port of Moulmein today.

Although he did not want to be regarded as a "vulgar tourist", he took part in a spontaneous trip to Kyaik-Tha-lun. At the old Moulmein Pagoda, which looks east to the ocean, the poetry, which was composed in 1890 and first released two years later, summarizes the bitter-sweet yearning of many Britons - among them Ki-pling - to Asia when they returned to their cool, humid, gray-home.

There has been little change in the view from the pit since Kipling's day - although you look to the west, not to the east if you want to see the seas. It admits to having been quite diverted during its attendance, and there are no prices for divining the sources of its distraction: I' d better recall what this was like if I hadn't fell in deep and irrevocable romance with a Myanmar woman at the first stair.

The only thing that stopped me from remaining in Moulmein forever and having a couple of elefants was the fact that the steamship started the next time. On the next morning he travelled to San Francisco and never came back to the country that had enchanted him so much. By the time I pass away, I will be a Burman, with twenty meters of genuine royal silk, made in Mandalay, over my own limbs and a row of smokes between my mouth.

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