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Meetings with the Board of Presses show that the general still does not have the idea of free pressing or the fact that sound massages must be indipendent. The NLD administration and the Myanmar military seem to be arguing with their leader over participation internationally in the Rohingya war.

This is not a sacred dispute, Kyaw Lat wrote. The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners' Bo Kyi comments on the need to tackle the psychiatric pandemic in Myanmar. Transfers continue to be of great importance to emerging countries and the Asia-Pacific area is the largest recipient of transfers in the world.

Myanmar's law enforcement is shared between the civil administration and the military.

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In August, a new corporate law will make it easy for international investment to do operations in Myanmar. The Yangon's National Races Village project is powered by the quest for profits, not the wish to help people. Myanmar's privately-owned telecommunications providers emphasized the importance of a competitive and equal footing with the introduction of a new rival supported by the country's mighty army.

Prime minister says there are investments in industry areas, urban development, residential construction plans and more. Documentation shows that high-end real estate is not permitted to accommodate international visitors. One secretary of state said the new street will attract tourism, but some are afraid that the pollution will do more good than good.

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For over 20 years, the Irrawaddy has been building a network of Burma/Myanmar -based and ethnical journalists from Burma/Myanmar and the surrounding areas of Thailand. The Irrawaddy founder and former author, former campaigner and former campaigner. Before exiled after the Burma/Myanmar conflict in September 1988, he was a graduate of Rangoon University.

The Irrawaddy was founded in 1992 and was only allowed to come back to the state in 2012. He has received aung Zaw erhielt den Prince Clause Award for Journalism 2010, den Shorenstein Journalism Award 2013 und 2014 den International Press Freedom Award des Committee to Protect Journalists. His work has been published in the New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Guardian, The Bangkok Post, The Nation and many other journals.

Laureate is the writer of Face of Resistance and was a guest researcher at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, in 2013. Irrawaddy's senior manager, has worked for the paper since 1994. A Yangon University graduate in 1988, he rebelled and fled Burma after the war.

and saw his vocation to join the Irrawaddy. With a wealth of finance and IT education and experience, he uses his skills and know-how to work behind the curtain to make the Irrawaddy work well. In 2001, his penchant for independency led him to become a reporter, and since then he has been in great affection for reporter.

He sees the use of the journalistic method to remedy injustices in a given community. In his sixteen years with The Irrawaddy, in his own countries and in his own, the former guest researcher at the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism has participated in several overseas efforts to advance Burma's free world.

Since 2003 she has been working with The Irrawaddy. During the 1988 Burmese Army Putsch, he escaped to the Burmese-Thai frontier where he was an artiste, performer and militant before moving to Chiang Mai to work as a reporter. He is a regular contributor to the Irrawaddy's newsroom, media coverage, media coverage and strategy.

In 2000 he bit his teeth out as a jounalist when he became a musical author for a month's journal in Yangon. A graduate in International Journalism from Hong Kong Baptist University, he was appointed in 2012 as The Irrawaddy's Chief Newsman. He not only manages the day-to-day British press agency, but also a variety of subjects ranging from political, life-style and cultural to musical.

Mr. Bennett holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Computer Studies, Mandalay. He also holds a Master's in Information Science from Assumption University, Thailand, and has earned a wide range of certifications on Google, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard digitization strategies.

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