Irrawaddy Division Map

Irawaddy Division Map

Streets, rivers, sea, cities in the Ayeyarwaddy Delta in Myanmar. Ayeyarwady's capital is Pathein. Andyarwaddy Division map; Map of Ngwe Saung; Photo gallery of Ngwe Saung.

The site provides a complete overview of maps of Irrawaddy, Burma. The Irrawaddy, Burma consists of several second level administrative units.

How to get to the division

That is because the most important leadership coalition in the area, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), has already supported the Rangoon roadmap. "It shows how divided the topic was for the world. A meeting to draw up a new Constitution is the first stage on the junta's roadmap.

However, the National Convention, as it is known, also divides oppositions and people. About 17 militarised ethnical groups that have subscribed to cease-fires have declared their willingness to join the National Convention, but many have set conditio n. The United Nationalities Alliance (UNA) elections in 1990 saw nine ethnical party leaders reject the junta's notion.

The National League for Democracy (NLD), which received 82 per cent of the vote in 1990, had no genuine chance to react to the roadmap. They' re all in prison or undercover. In addition, some commentators believe that many NLD leader will be detained for the length of the National Convention.

But 20 Members who have been released from the NLD and some single Members will join the House to draw up a new constitution. In addition, nine persons from the seven states and seven departments of the state were invited to participate. Further members will come from junta-friendly groups such as the Union Solidarity and Development Associations, the Union Solidarity and Development Associations, the women's organisation headed by the woman of Prime Minister Khin Nyunt and a farmers' union headed by a pensioned general general of the United States.

Under the provisions for the last meeting, which was called in 1993 and postponed in 1996 after an NLD boycott, 702 participants are required to participate. Only 20 per cent of MEPs were last voted in 1990, while the other 555 were voted for by the Burmese people. Forty eight came from right-wing factions, 99 were voted as deputies, 212 were allocated to minority groups, 93 were peasants, 44 were blue-collar worker, 90 were officials, 35 were techocrats, 53 were patrons and 28 were allocated to women's organisations.

Burns is hoping the makeup will be similar this year. The rules stated that the meeting can only be called if 50 per cent of the representatives are present. After the NLD and the Members of Parliament had gone, the Covenant had to be postponed. At the ASEAN meeting in Bali, Khin Nyunt pledged that all parties could participate in the Covenant.

"Hkun Htun Oo said, "The Convention cannot come into being without the NLD and the different ethnic groups. Still there are no indications that the army will free Suu Kyi or speak to NLD high-ranking heads about the NCC. It is in this context that the multinational fellowship and the peoples within the land must join forces against the military's separation plans.

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