Irrawaddy Burmese Restaurant

Irawaddy Burmese Restaurant

The Irrawaddy Taste of Burma is a family run restaurant with Burmese cuisine by Co-Owner & Chef Banny Hong. Receive directions, ratings and information about Irrawaddy Taste of Burma in Stanton, CA. Check out the menu and reviews for Irrawaddy Taste of Burma in Stanton, as well as the most popular articles and reviews. Irish Irrawaddy taste of Burma, Restaurants & Bars. See what's popular with Irrawaddy Taste Of Burma in real time and see activities, reviews and reviews!

The Irrawaddy Restaurant is one of the few places where you can find Burmese specialties.

However, in recent years a separate "Eat Street" has been created here - an alternate restaurant mile for Twin Cities lovers who are looking for something new. Driven by urban investment and community-based businesses, facilities such as COOK Saint Paul - with classic US brunches and basic foodstuffs from Korea - are among the trendiest but down-to-earth local caterers.

Payne-Phalen in particular is becoming more multi-cultural than ever while migrants are still flocking to its twin cities, mainly from Asia. The Hmong congregation settled in the Hmong River Basin a few years ago, but the youngest Karen migrants from the neighbouring Myanmar and Thailand have also found a new home here.

Today, St. Paul has the Karen's greatest populace in the United States. Located in a part of Arcade Street in Original Karen Market and Deli, the Irrawaddy Restaurant unveils this intricate story of immigration while introducing the light and spicy taste of the Danube area.

Besides the courses full of pan-Asian delicacies, Irrawaddy's restaurant consists of a refrigerator and a few warm plates. Don't be disappointed - although the offers seem rather modest, the meals are singing the flavours of Burmese and Karen cuisines, which are equally affected by China, India and Thailand.

Irrawaddy's bakery-style dining allows you to choose what you want - comfortably packaged in either cardboard or cardboard boxes - before going onto the long central wood-tray. Although more and more Karen returnees are coming to St. Paul to rebuild their life, Irrawaddy is one of the few places in the twin towns that offer Burmese cuisine.

While the town is transforming the East Side, the modest and secluded Irrawaddy restaurant and grocery store is a jewel to be discovered.

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