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The best Irish restaurants in London, England: TripAdvisor Travel reports from London Irish restaurants and search for price, location and more. Dock Cafe + Restaurant, Galway. Locate your perfect Irish restaurant. About some of the best Irish dishes in Nashville.

1. Wool Mill Dining House

lrish dinner. Let it fall at any hour of the morning and enjoy the crisp macaroon, Connemara prosciutto or a plain slice toast. Suspended marmalade glasses, bulky wood banks and open stonewalls form the ideal setting for a varied meal with a variety of lighter, fresher meals such as Western prawn and salmon salad.

Located in the centre of Cork's Mekka, the Farmgate Café concentrates on great old-fashioned tastes such as Irish mustard soup, cornded stews with cream cheese and proboscis and onions with drisheens. An Port Mór shakes up the gourmet world in the quaint city of Westport in the county of Mayo and leads the way with a firm belief in the use of locally produced products that are seasonally oriented and slightly modern.

Sit in the light, stylish dinning room and enjoy delicacies such as fried pork cheek with blood sausage. In the picturesque town of Adare, the old country house with its old rural style and flair is an excellent place for one of the most famous Limerick cuisine. The couple Wade and Elaine Murphy, who find a delicious mix between Irish cuisine and contemporary innovations, hit the mark with refreshing, soothing cuisine.

In the moonscape of the Burren in the county of Clare there are some true jewels - one of them is the dinner room in Gregan's castle. With the best local produce, David Hurley, the cook, makes unique dishes with modern Irish cuisine. A great place, a great restaurant and a very unique event.

Embodiment of the spirit of the Mourne Sea Food Bar: serving the best of the best locally produced sea food in the most exquisite way. Chalk tablets, a relaxed ambience and super-fresh products delivered from the city' s harbours attract the masses every single day - from "oysters au naturel" to scallops.

Newforge focuses on domestic and outdoor products, eggs and meat as well as milk products from biological farming - origin and qualitiy. There is a dinner room in a nice georgious country home with a non-guest dinner every evening. One of Ulster's oldest inns, with a line that dates back to the eighteenth cent.

It is one of the many cafés in the town ( "3fE", Brother Hubbard) that are leading a new approach to good, sound cuisine. When we hear the latest grocery tendencies, it's that the next big thing is to eat new, uncooked foods. Colorful stands, changing recipes and a bold bargain for new fruits - the Irish farmers' fair is not only.....

Dublin Fringe Festival's most dedicated supporters could make the 17-day event without a stop for dinner,.....

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