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The Iraqi Airways Company, better known as Iraqi Airways (?????? www. iraqi ??????), is the airline based at Baghdad International Airport in Baghdad. Iraki Airways is a member of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation and offers flights to Iraqi destinations. The Iraqi Airways was established in 1945 as a division of the Iraqi State Railways and began operations with five planes in Syria on 28 January 1946.

On 4 June 2005 Iraqi Airways was the first regular airline to operate a 100 passenger ferry from Baghdad to Basra since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's regimes. Iraqi Airways conducted a first in 25 years on 6 November 2005 from Baghdad to Tehran in Iran. Like the remainder of the company's charter fleets, the plane was commissioned by Teebah Airlines of Jordan.

After several years of planing, in February 2017 Iraqi Airways started flying to Minsk, Belarus. Iraqi Airways made its first landing at Vnukovo Airport in Moscow, Russia on 17 September 2017. The line was also opened by Ambassador Haidar Hadi and Minister of Transport Kadhim Finjan Al Hammami.

Iraqi Airways was placed on the black list by the Commission in 2015, which prevented the company from operating within Europe. After a review of the black list on 14 June 2018, Iraqi Airways remained one of the carriers banished from Europe and Iraqi Airways does not know why. Iraqi Airways Director General Miran Farid explained that there is no justification why Iraqi Airways should stay on the black list, the company has asked the Commission to carry out an air carrier survey, but apparently they have refused.

Mr Farid added that although Iraqi Airways has not been blacklisted in the latest review, the company is in discussions to receive a thorough service in November this year and to stay optimistic that they will be able to operate within Europe in 2019. Iairaji Airways has opened a new service between Al Najaf International (NJF) and Bandar Abbas International (BND), which will link mainland Sud an with sub-Saharan Iran.

The first Iraqi Airways flights ended on 2 April 2018. It will be operated once a week and will transport people on the Boeing 747. Notified by representatives of the respective state governments at a ceremonial in Kiev, the new services will be operated non-stop by the Iraqi carrier Iraqi Airlines.

The A295 (Baghdad to Kiev) and A296 (Kiev to Baghdad) flights began transporting air travelers on the Boeing 373 at the beginning of the monthly. At the moment the air routes are running every week, departure and return on a Tuesday. The Iraqi Embassador to Ukraine, Bakr Ahmed al-Jaff, said during the event that the services will be beneficial to the tourist industries, business people and investment and will also enable Iraqi university graduates in Ukraine to travel from and to their homes without any problems.

Iraqi Airways was last on board duty-free more than 28 years ago, according to ARM. This long duration agreement covers free air travel on intercontinental routes and in any business that Iraqi Airways owns or operates. Iraki Airways serves many airports around the world and offers all air travelers a secure and cost-effective flight experience.

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