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Chris spends a few weeks on the Pacific Crest Trail from here and lives off the land. Alex had eaten wild potatoes since arriving in the Alaska bush without incident. Homemarkline & Map - Manifesto - Visionary or Fool?

Ito The Wild Timeline

Conscientious objector is a native of El Segundo, California. Cristopher's mum and dad are Walt and Billie McCandless. Cristopher graduates of high schools. was a graduate of Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School in Virginia. He was a very cultured young man, he had a very special way of looking at things. Cristopher leaves his vehicle and walks the remainder of his trip.

Cristopher is leaving the South Dakota silo and on his way again. Because of his detention Wayne Westenberg had no work for him, so Carthage abandoned him. Cristopher Kanus everywhere. Canoeing on the Colorado River and many other waters. For thirty-six long day, he hadn' t talked to or seen anyone else.

is a Las Vegas resident. Not much is known since Christopher ceased to keep a diary when he departed Las Vegas. is a Christopher living in Bullhead City, Arizona. He is traveling with Jan Burres and Bob to "the Slabs". Cristopher was living with Ron. He' s been teaching Christopher how to work with leathers. It was Christopher who made a girdle that spoke a tale with images of his trips.

Cristopher lived with Ron for some years. Ronald asked him before Chris went if he could accept Chris because his woman and only baby were murdered by a drunken rider, and Ronald was the only member of his happy home. It was Christopher on his way due due up. to Alaska.

He had $1,000 in his boots. Leave his diary with Wayne Westenberg for storage. and Gaylord Stuckey arriving in Fairbanks Alaska. It was Christopher driving with a man named Gaylord Stuckey. It took three whole nights to drive. Cristopher is spending three and a half day in the city getting ready for the long walk to the school.

Surstopher goes into the outback. It was Christopher who went to the "magic" coach, where he was. There is still the coach, many visitors are visiting the coach in honour of Christopher. It is Christopher trying to get out of the outback. Because the Teklanika River is almost five-fold larger and has become insurmountable and has become a source of violence, Christopher cannot escape the wilderness.

There are several causes why Christopher passed away. It was famine he was dying. It was Christopher who lived in the wilderness for about one hundred and thirteen years.

The corpse of Christopher McCandless was found by several groups of human beings. Death in Fairbanks, Alaska. That'?s the last photo Christopher took. Franz finds out that Alex alias Christopher is gone. On the way he told them about Christopher, one of them informed him that his boyfriend was beaten.

Jon became more interested in Christopher after he wrote the story, which lead to the creation of this work. They' leaving a brass tablet on the coach in his honour.

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