Into the Wild Book Timeline

In the timeline of the Wild Book

He travels to the Slabs with Jan Burres and Bob. Slabs were located in Niland, California. He sold books for Jan and Bob there. To the wild timeline of events.

Into the Wild" Timeline 12 mai 1990 - Chris absolviert die Emory University à Atlanta.

Into the Wild" Timeline 12 mai 1990 - Chris absolviert die Emory University à Atlanta. 6 July 1990 - McCandless sets off for Lake Mead in Nevada. 10 July 1990 - Chris leaves his vehicle after it has been broken. He' putting his stuff in his rucksack and on his way.

Early August 1990 - Chris' mum and dad hadn't even known about Chris, so they decided to come and see him to find out that his place had been available since late June. Returning home, they find the deeds they sent Chris this past summers. 10 August 1990 Chris gets a tramping pass at Willow Creek, California.

28 October 1990 - Chris goes to Needles, California. 10 September - Wayne Westerberg comes to pick up Chris. It was 1990 December 2, 1990 - Chris reached Morelos Dam..... and the Mexico Boundary. 23 October 1990 - With no work on the silo, Chris abandoned the city and returned to a life of nomad.

At the end of November 1990 he travelled through Yuma, where he stayed long enough to fill up his supplies and sent a card to Westberg. 25 December 1990 - In search of sanctuary from storms, he finds a cavern on the face of a cliff and remains there for 10 inches. In 1991 December 14-24, 1990 - exhausted from canoeing, he pulled the kayak far up the sea.

11 January 1991 - Back in his kayak he meets a heavy wind which almost drowned him. 16 January 1991 - Leaving his kayak on a hill of marram south-east of El Golfo de Santa Clara, he begins to walk up the abandoned sandy area. Jan 18, 1991 - He was back on the frontier with the United States, is captured by law enforcement, who tries to get into the U.S. without ID, spending the evening in prison.

January-February 1991 - Journeys to Houston and sets off for the Pacific Ocean shore. 3 February 1991 - Chris goes to Los Angeles to get an ID and a career, but in the company he is feeling very relentless and is returning to the streets. 9 February 1991 - Camp at the foot of the Grand Canyon with a young married pair from Germany who had taken him with them.

Feb 24, 1991 - Dig up the few things he dug up in the sands when he left his Datsun. 27 February 1991 - Bury his rucksack and hitchhike to Las Vegas. May 1991 - Leaves Las Vegas. July-August, 1991 - Chris lives on the Oregon coastline, sending a picture card to Jan Burres to complain about the endless haze and rains.

September 1991 - Chris drove the U.S. Highway 101 to California, then back eastwards and back into the outback. Ocotber 1991 - Arrived in Bullhead City, Arizona, where he worked at McDonald's for two month and lived in an empty motorhome. Dec 9, 1991 - Send a card to Jan Burres in Niland, California, Chris contains a card so she and her friend Bob can go to Bullhead City to see him.

13 December 1991 - Chris arrives suddenly at the Burres camping site at camping The Slabs in Niland. January 1992 1992 - Meeting with Ronald Franz during a hitchhike near California's Salton Sea. }February 1992 - Chris is deposed by Franz at the San Diego water front. 5 March 1992 - Chris sent post cards to Burres and Franz from Seattle.

12 March 1992 - Chris called Franz from Coachella, California and asked him to come and get him. 13 March 1992 - Chris spent a whole evening with Franz. 14 March 1992 - Franz travels to Grand Junction, Colorado. March 1992 - Chris works at Wayne Westerberg's corn silo in Carthage, South Dakota.

In March 1992 - Chris left Carthage for Alaska. 13-15 April 1992 - Stop at Liard Hot Springs in British Columbia, Canada, where he is trapped for two nights before taking a trip. 18 April 1992 -Chris hitchhike northwards. 28 April 1992 - On the motorway Chris is taken up by Jim Gaul.

1 May 1992 - he finds an old coach on the Sushana River and chooses to remain for a while. 5 August 1992: Writes "DAY 100! "August 12, 1992 - Chris posted an S.O.S. slip at the front gate looking for a berry.

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