Into the Trees

In the trees

The witch hires a childless baker and his wife to obtain magical items from classical fairy tales to reverse the curse placed on her pedigree. In the trees of Robert Williams Rien Nothings semble aider, mais quand Thomas traverse une forêt avec elle un jour, elle s'endort soudainement. Do you know the solitude sur terre dès le début, mais Ann n'est pas entièrement confiante quant à la solitude - et à juste titre ? Why did I read this book ? I had never heard of this author before, and I probably would not have bought the book myself, but since it was sent to me as part of the annual subscription from Berlin Verlag, I read it right right, of course.

In fact, this book is quite different than you would expect at the beginning. The cover text sounds much much like a thriller, but the term "novel" is much better. Malgré has its own calmement, ce livre a son propre style narratif calme et non agité. Nevertheless, il n'est pas devenu ennuyeux, et ceci est principalement dû au style d'écriture très agréable.

This is so fluid that you can move forward quickly and remain curious about how things will continue. The sentences are beautifully writtenly, not complicated, but not too short. I should also mention the sparse dialogues, which are becoming more and more more towards the end. But when something is said, it is always funny or meaningful.

I could not could not estimate the book for long, because despite the calm writing style a disturbing mood resonates permanently, so that one can never never really trust the peace. But if you're expecting a really exciting thriller, you're certainly not well served with this book, because you won't find breathless excitement here at any time.

What makes you read on is simple curiosity about the interesting story. This book is more of a character study, because the world and the lives of four main characters are described in detail over many years. The characters are a strength of this novel. The world is small - ce livre l'illustre encore une fois.

Because the author takes so much time for each individual, I would have been surprised if it were different. There is not much to say about the other persons, as they are rare and short. But those those you meet are also convincing. The forest is wonderfully described, with appropriate adjectives and living personifications.

The atmosphere - both beauty and loneliness - is beautifully captured. I also like how the mood is often reflected by nature or used to say something about people. A few things bothered me : First, that in the end some things are not explained, e.g. what happened to Raymond (here an epilogue would have been very nice !) or why Harriet always calmed down in the forest.

Also you can put it together (she just loves the forest, the smell, the trees, the sounds, and not even a storm can scare her there) but it is never clearly said. Deuxièmement, much more could have been achieved if more tension had been allowed more tension.

I deliberately say "admitted", because there were enough exciting events, only some of them were not told, but only mentioned, which caused a lot of tension to be lost. Third : Je ne pense pas vraiment qu'il soit réaliste de construire une maison dans la forêt à cause d'un bébé écrivain. By the time this is finished, the child will probably have stopped again.

But if that can be suppressed, the novel is quite pleasant. What I would also like to note : A few more paragraphs would have done the story some good, because there was not a single paragraph on one page, so that it was hard for me to read (paragraphs make reading much more pleasant) and if you digress briefly, it is also harder to get back in.

A quiet character study, qui n'est pas vraiment excitant, mais jamais ennuyeux. Surtout all the fluid, agréable style d'écriture, les chiffres bien travaillés et l'ambiance subliminale troublante vous permettent de lire avec curiosité. I recommend this book to everyone who likes the quiet sounds and forests. If you expect a thriller or hope for breathless suspense, this story is certainly not the right one for you.

Narrative style : narrateur personnel ; Prétérit ; Évaluation : Critères supplémentaires pour ce livre : Dans l'ensemble : ?????? Je pardonne quatre lys !

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