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Myanmar Internet Service Provider

Cabled Myanmar: some internet options. Wellcome to our directory of Internet Service Providers in MYANMAR. Explore Internet Service Providers in Yangon with the help of your friends. Internet & Web Service Provider. Category of business:::: Web & Internet Service Provider - More information.

Myanmar Internet Service Providers at a glance

Since September 2016, this is the current Internet Service Provider in Myanmar. Forgetting about Fortune International Ltd. It'?s quite a complete listing. However, it is not, other businesses also sell Internet services in Myanmar. They cannot be regarded as full Internet service provider and are most likely to be a reseller of one of the above mentioned ISP.

Of these service companies, only 3 are in peerage with multinational carriers: At present, cell phone network companies are the exclusive owners of an IGW (International Gateway Licence). Your internatinal connection will be described later in this diary.

Cabled Myanmar: some internet features

In order to stimulate the communication industry, the Ministry of Transport and Communication has issued licenses for Internet service providers to newcomers. Some of the new features available to those who want to connect to the Internet: With WBA-LE (Wireless Broadband Access-Licence Exempt), Myanmar Net Company started its Wi-Fi Internet service in the Lanmadaw and Latha districts of Yangon in December 2015.

Service is available at some places in Yankinownship, Myanmar Plaza and in about 15 condominiums in Yangon. Now Myanmar Net is trying to take over all of Yangon. In August, it launched its 16 Mbit/s Internet service in the municipality of Kyauktada. It provides unlimited Internet access each month, Speed Pack Plans (unlimited use for seven or eight days), DaPack Plans (K1.6 per Mb) and K3 per Mb Internet.

The SpectrumLife Company's Net Core offers fiber optic and cordless Internet service. The website also refers to public website functions. We guarantee a robust Internet service via fiber optic and cordless connectivity solutions. Free Wi-Fi Internet service is available in the Hledan, Tarmwe, Botahtaung, Lanmadaw, Mayangone, Thingangyun, Thaketa and Yankin communities and in the Mindhamma and Kyipwaryay residential areas.

In addition to Yangon, the service is available in 17 industry areas and other towns such as Bago, Pyay, Nay Pyi Taw, Myitkyina, Loikaw, Hpa-an, Hakha, Monywa, Dawei and Taunggyi. There is a 1MB split per month charge of K60,000 and K140,000 for each one. Up to 3MB Internet access is available for home use.

Unilink Company, headquartered in China, has its headquarters in Yangon and, according to its website, also offers service in Mandalay, Magwe, Bago, Taunggyi, Myitkyina and Nay Pyi Taw through its branches. The company's Wi-Fi and fiber optic offerings comprise high-speed wideband FTTX (Fibre to the X), MPLS-VPN (multiprotocol cable switch for home network virtualization), DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) Custom Line, Wi-Fi and more.

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