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MIH brings Thai wide band to Myanmar

In November last year, when two of Myanmar's biggest Internet service companies discontinued adoption of fiber optic connectivity solutions, there were few opportunities for those looking for an effective Internet. Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) and Yatanarpon Teleport (YTP) said they had shut down distribution to concentrate on "capacity expansion" and increase bandwidths. In spite of its best endeavours, Myanmar's Internet continues to be frustratorily sluggish.

It ranks 159 out of 198 by Net Index for load-downloading speeds, moving at an avarage of five Mbps. MPT provides the highest Internet performance of any Internet service provider - up to 6MBps according to Net Index, but this is still far behind our local competitors. By contrast, Singapore near Singapore is at the top of the world' s map with an annual traffic of 131.84MBps.

But this will certainly be changed, according to the Thailand IT group Benchachinda Holding Co. (BCH), which founded a joint venture with four other firms under the name Myanmar Information Highway Limited (MIH). BCH will offer "services that meet Thailand's wideband standard," said BCH Chairman Vichai Bencharongkul in a July 24 state.

According to Net Index, Thailand has an avarage dowload rate of 20.94MBps, more than fourfold the Myanmar averages. MIH will begin installation in Yangon for the first year before it expands into other large business centers, he said, added that the business has become the premier Myanmar premier provider of wireless data services.

Besides Benchachinda are ALT Telecom Company, United Distribution Solution Company, A&F Communication Company and a Myanmar Businesspartner, which was not mentioned. As Bencharongkul said, "In Myanmar, MIH's main targets are companies in the processing and services sectors - especially three- to five-star establishments, finance institutes, banking, retail, commercial areas and homes.

Mr. Birk added that the company's move to Myanmar is the first of several scheduled investment projects in neighboring states. It follows soon after Vietnam's FPT received a 15-year license from FPT for a 15-year individual license that allows it to establish a country-wide networking environment and provide permanent telecommunications and Internet service.

Increased Internet Service Providers (ISPs) mean increased Internet safety for Myanmar, which is currently threatened by a downtime of Internet services due to MPT's high volume of trafficking, according to a recent Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business statement.

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