Internet Myanmar 2015

Myanmar Internet 2015

Myanmar Internet users (2016*). Myanmar's population: 2.5% (penetration); total population: 54,363,426; proportion of Internet users worldwide: 38 million Internet users expected by 2016.

Hlaing's Myanmar Info-Tech is home to many Internet service providers. 17 July 2015 by Thiha.

Towards a universal, open and accessible Internet in Myanmar

We are pleased to announce that Myanmar has today become the youngest member of the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI). A 4AI Executive Director Sonia Jorge and Myanmar's Honorary Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology U Thaung Tin today in Yangon signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalising this trend and formally marking the beginning of cooperation between the Government of Myanmar, the Alliance and community actors to reduce the costs of Internet accessibility in the state.

At the first post-signature multi-stakeholder conference in Myanmar, over 75 leaders from Myanmar's governments, the business community and civic groups met to debate the obstacles to Internet accessibility in Myanmar today and to build a strong grassroots alliance to address these issues. While Myanmar is in the midst of a connection revolutionary, this exhilarating new trend is coming.

Burma's ICT industry is expanding rapidly following the liberalization of the telecom industry in 2011. Today, three wireless carriers provide speech and wireless internet service (one state provider and two from the residential sectors - Ooredoo in Qatar and Telenor in Norway) and internet usage in the UK has increased from 1.2% in 2013 (ITU) to a 15% in 2015 estimated by the UKovernment.

In spite of this formidable advance, there is still much to be done to make the Internet in Myanmar available that is available at a reasonable price, open and to all. Infrastructures needed to meet the enormous increase in Internet service provision and to meet the enormous increase in Internet service demands remain under-developed, especially in the countryside where the vast majority of Myanmar's people live.

There is a need to increase the ability of consumers, regulatory authorities and public servants to efficiently comprehend and use the Internet, as well as to gain stable and dependable electricity for them. The development of this structure and capacities requires strong co-ordination between governments, the non-governmental sectors and civic stakeholders throughout the state. However, Myanmar could have an edge over countries with more mature economies.

Myanmar, unlike many other states, does not need to reverse poor political decisions or inconsistent regulation systems for years. Myanmar may be able to skip other nation states still working on the revision of outdated policy. We are pleased to get to work and we are optimistic that together with our regional alliance we will make great progress in improving accessible, universial, free and open Internet in Myanmar.

Take a look at our 5-minute guide to accessible Internet in Myanmar and delve deeper by viewing our Myanmar case studies.

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