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Yangon Internet

This page shows a list of ISPs offering Internet access in Yangon, ordered by the highest download speed. This is a digital age in which our children and students have never experienced a world without the Internet. Myanmar[Burma] Internet speed test results, average upload/download speed trends by device, regions and cities. Yangon stream radio free online. Myanmar (Burma) - Padamyar FM.

Wideband Internet access 4G Mobile and Cloud

In recent years, Wi-Fi networking in Yangon has developed well. MyanmarNet has released a new set of products in collaboration with the Internet service provider MyanmarNet. This package named A-wa-thone Date allows the customer..... Businessmen in Myanmar will be happy: Myanmar Telenor has just dramatically cut its dataroaming rates in 8 Asian nations, Thailand, Malaysia, China,.....

4G+ Internet Services launched in Yangon

New Internet services providers that offer a 4G+ services that provide much higher speeds of Wi-Fi Internet connectivity for humans have been started in Myanmar, a corporate citizen said. Mr. Devid Gubiani, CEO of Amara Communications Services (ACS), said his Ananda 4G+ services would leverage the 2600 MHz range and offer its customers a more robust and fast Internet experience.

"With Ananda 4G+, people can view video, messages and films as they like online," he said at the start of the ministry on Friday. "Gubiani added, "Online games and download your favorite games and tracks for unrestricted use. They offer two unrestricted Internet bundles - K35,000 (US$26) and K65,000 - launched on Friday.

With the K35,000 pack, you can provide 30 consecutive 30 day unrestricted access with a free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection and a 4G+ Ananda SIM. But the K65,000 pack provides 60 consecutive unrestricted hours of uninterrupted connectivity with a 4G+ routers and up to 30 simultaneous units on your local or remote workstation.

Others packs contain 7 days of unrestricted K10,000 and 7.5 GB of one-month K5400 and 15 GB of one-month K10,000 and 60 GB of 60-day K38,000s. Services are offered in 25 Yangon Townships and expanded to Mandalay. The IGE Group has 500 locations in Yangon and 100 in Mandalay and each location has 1200 km of fiber optics, says IGE Group CEO U Nay Aung.

Ananda 4G+ customers can visit the six Yangon stores and 3,500 Yangon stores. It is a wholly owned part of the International Union of Entrepreneurs in the fields of power, utilities, infrastructure, investments, travel, banking, finance and communication. In addition to the Internet activities of telecommunication companies, other Internet activities of Internet access companies such as Myanmar Net and 5BB Broadband are available in Myanmar.

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