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The local Internet registries offering services in Myanmar. Internet-connected households at home (%). Persons using the Internet (%). Myanmar Limited is an Internet Service Provider operating in Myanmar. SEAANET is a satellite broadband Internet service provider company based in Yangon, Myanmar.

Unrestricted Internet home plans for December 2017

We published one of our first comparisons of the prices of broadband in January 2017. 12 and a half years ago, the cost of 2 Mbit/s home wideband was just over 100,000 Ks per month. Today, 4 Mbit/s is the new benchmark for Myanmar's high-bandwidth. The Unilink has the lowest rate for 4mbps broadband: 54,000Ks per month.

Not only is the fibre supplier inexpensive, it also pursues a very aggressively pursued acquisitions policy. When you register for one year, you do not have to pay any costs for installing the software and you even get 2 month for free. If you are under an already signed agreement with a rival, you can get an unlimited free install from Uncondition!

That' s how committed the company is to stealing clients from the competitive arena. 5BB provides 3 to 6 month free for the smallest schemes with an obligation annually. There is no setup fee for the biggest schemes. BBB also has some of the most appealing schemes on the open markets. The Myanmar services have also strengthened their position in this area.

It would be easier to ignore Myanmarnet with the advent of this new game. Thanks to a very tight Wifi-net in Yangon, Frontiir B2C is still one of the biggest Internet consumers in Myanmar. It has also adjusted its rates to competitive conditions and has the cheapest price for an unrestricted plan:

For MPT and Telenor, FTTH prices are very competitive, but cover is still very low. The MPT has pledged to quickly increase the uptime of the services, but there is still no formal notification from the government agency. The Ooredoo company has also started its Broadbanddienst, which is only available in Mandalay for the time being.

Yatanararpon Teleport's Qatar-based carrier uses the Yatanarpon Teleport wideband network to serve Mandalay subscribers. Myanmar's wideband markets have become unprecedentedly aggressive. In Myanmar, as we stressed in our last September report, services are in danger. ISPs in Myanmar build costly fibre optic grids that are only viable if they achieve a customer mission-critical mass and infiltration.

Moreover, every new client incurs considerable costs for acquisitions. Our source says that an FTTH connection would range from $100 to $200 for a FTTH-client. As there are no install charges, the ISP makes a wager. Financially, subsidising a B2C services in an emergent markets may sound like an extreme risk game.

Placing the film in a very unstable environment, where the client wants to fall for the tempting siren of any eye-catching advertisement and you end up with a great bankruptcy formula. A well-earned Christmas present is the Breitband-Preisvergleich ( "Broadband prices comparison") which has been revised for December 2017.

Notice that 1 Mbit/s plan has been cut off for esthetic purposes.

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