International Code 95

95-international code

Do you want to know which country has the area code +95? Find out which country has the international dialling code +95. When you receive a call or phone number from the country code 95, the country this call originates from is Myanmar. The country code 95 belongs to Burma. Locate the area codes of Burmese cities and search the reverse directory.

Backward search area code for national prefix 95

International prefix "95" is the same as the following countries: Are you looking for a reverse phonecall lookup tool? Need to do an international number lookup? When you receive a call or a number from the 95 area code, the call originates in Myanmar.

Reversing telephone look up information will help you get targeted dial-up directions from your home to Myanmar. In addition, you will find the latest information about Myanmar's timezone to help you choose the best moment to call Myanmar. Do you need the area code to call Myanmar? For Myanmar area code, cell code and call to Myanmar (country code 95) dial the number of the city you are calling in: see below:

Searching for cheap tariffs for the 95 international prefix: We' re hoping that our area code reverser search engine has helped us find the 95 area code, the Myanmar number. Please click here to save this page as a cookie and book it with a colleague who can help you find a number.

Dial code 0095, 95, +95, which is 00 95

If you have a call from a telephone number that starts with 95 or 0095 or 01195 or +95 and want to know which is your 95 state. What is the 95 area code? State area code 95 (95 area code) is associated with: is prepended by either 00 ( 0095) or 011 ( 01195) for US and Canadian telephone conversations and the plus (+95) character.

Burma Flag: How to call Burma with 95 countries codes? It is as easy as from Hpa-An to Nay Pyi Taw to call Burma from abroad. Just substitute 0 in front of the number with 0095 or 01195 when you call from Canada and the USA. For example 1: You are in Germany and need to call the Myanmar cell phones number OX X XX X-XXXXXXXX, you have two ways to do this:

You can call either 0095 or +95 from a English cell telephone. or +95 58 or +9558. Fifty-eight is the area code for Hpa-An.

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