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Details and history of Interlink Airlines fleet. IntraLink Airlines is an airline based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The liquidation of Interlink Airlines of South Africa, based at Johannesburg International Airport, is to enter its final phase. Comments from passengers about Interlink Airlines. Stats about flight delays and flight cancellations of Interlink Airlines.

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Interlink Airlines was provisionally liquidated on 23 February 2009. Since Interlink Airlines has an A1, A2, A3, A4 and H1 + H2 licence, it can fly helicopters or aircraft of any aircraft as well. Ms Cader (Marketing and Cabin Service & Chairman of the Interlink Board), Mr Ismail (Official Auditor), Mr Kaplan (General Manager: Corporate Services), Mr Maharaj (General Manager: Flight Operations), Dr Motshwane (Head: Air Ambulance) and Mr Rod Murphy (Consultant Business Manager).

Preliminary winding-up of Interlink Airlines. Pretoria flight will be suspended until 23 January 2010 because the only carrier on the line was destroyed (by a blow of birds). Following the recent scare of birds, Interlink Airlines later donates to the Animal Anti Cruelty League - Bellville Branch - to help raise funds for a special birds department.

The' Interlink Airlines' begins services between Pretoria (Wonderboom) and Durban. The first Interlink Airlines service between Pretoria (Wonderboom) and Cape Town. The Durban to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Johannesburg will be closed during the opening of the Pretoria line. Intra-link Airline operates between Johannesburg and Durban (the best way for R398 One-Way).

SA officials pay over R3m for the Johannesburg to Quebec service, but the aircraft never took off and was reportedly not allowed to access the air. R3m is being returned to the SA administration, but in April 2008 the SA administration filed suit against Interlink for non-refundable deposit on hotels, gaming education and visas.

Crosslink Airlines Report

Between Johannesburg OR Tambo and Cape Town and between OR Tambo and Durban, for example. Travellers must take additional minutes to register for the flights. Interlink Airlines' check-in counters were not on the information panels and it turned out to be hard to find the Interlink Airlines point of sale for information on where to register.

It has been announced that the check-in counters will be open only one hours before the planned boarding/flight hours. Intra-link Airlines'hot seat' with 1-Time Airline and take over two of their Desk. Computer check-in is not used at all - the on-board tickets are pre-printed before opening the counters and all paperwork is done manually.

It is possible to reserve a place on the passenger's request, provided that the customer arrives in good season. Interlink Airlines' aircrafts were varnished and had neither logos nor trade marks. Onboard, the economical seating was very slim with little legroom for those with long feet.

Obviously, the company wanted to get as many people as possible on the plane! Again, it is recommended that travellers allow additional checking in times as the check-in counters were only used by safety personnel. Upon arriving at the check-in counter (hot-seating again with 1-time), the same procedures as at OR Tambo could be observed!

Intra-link Airlines had hid a flag that allegedly indicated the way to the counters, but the signage pointed in the opposite one! - Obviously nobody had taken the trouble to verify this! There is no significant difference between the method of reserving a ticket on line and the method of reserving a ticket with another carrier.

This website offers a selection of reduced rates for full-priced, full-cost, or businessclass travel. That literate traveled on the discont economy, and the ticket from OR Tambo to Cape Town and back is actually a budgeted ticket to fit most bags! Once the reservation is complete, it is important to follow the timetable and the reservation number.

If there is no computer connected to the computer, the customer must note down the timetable and the reservation references manually. Once the customer has returned to the website home page and entered the reservation credentials to verify the timetables, a confirmation box will appear on the display, but if further information is needed, it is necessary to call a call center (number displayed) to obtain further information.

Please note that no e-mails, fax, text messages etc. are sent to validate the reservation! When your financial situation is hard and it is necessary to travel, this is the carrier for you. Interestingly, the author came back to the website of Interlink Airlines to make a test back reservation from OR Tambo to Cape Town and back.

That raises the issue - Interlink Airlines is still airborne!

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