Interesting places to Visit in Yangon

Places of interest in Yangon

An overview of the most important sights in Myanmar:.....

that this country is so amazing. You will find many fascinating attractions for visitors from all over the world to discover! Learn more about these sights in Shwedagon. The airport city that serves as an entrance to Mrauk U. Sittwe has no interesting sights. In the late afternoon drive back to Yangon and visit the Bogyoke Aung San Market (ex-Scott Market) (closed every Monday).

Interesting sights in Yangon

Yangon, the capitol, was the biggest touristic hub in Myanmar, where many well-known sights, touristic service were diverse and alluring. You will also need to visit the Shwedagon and Botataung Pagodas, Bogyoke Aung San or China Town Area, which is the most thrilling attraction in Yangon, Myanmar. The Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Yangon International Airports offers a 8000k yat tax rate.

Shwedagon Gold Lagoon is the place where the visitor must visit Yangon, the time of the temples that this degree of latitude can see as a symbol of Myanmar. Until now, no one dared to claim exactly the gold coupé was constructed when, much theorizing that the sanctuary is more than 2000 years old.

Now in Shwedagon also four holy Buddhist gems as pagoda: Buddha's Religious Store Fishing Pole, the Buddha's set Na der Kiefer Buddha's pine fountain, a slice of Buddha's salad fibre and 8 Ca Buddha Necklace was inserted with Ca. The thin golden sheets produce very tempting colours especially at twilight or night.

The temples are also adorned with thousand of jewels and stones. The next stop after the visit to Shwedagon Pagoda is Botataung Tempel, a very interesting sight in Yangon. Situated on the banks of the town, the name of the sanctuary means that thousand of commanders have come to Myanmar because it was constructed through the contributions and assistance of Myanmar's warlords.

First impressions for tourist who visit the sanctuary are slightly blinded by the roof and the sanctuary wall is coated with gild. There is also a treasury of Buddha's treasures in the sanctuary. Only clean room and festive will help the visitor to withdraw better and more laid-back. In almost every major Southeast Asian metropolis, it is easy for people to catch the local communities and Yangon is not the only one.

There are many places where you can find the best of the best. Chinaans live and work in this very overcrowded, establishing a culture warehouse, touristic sites. China Town area as a land of China in thumbnail with stores sell groceries, clothes, appliances, lives almost nothing about it. In addition, you can stroll around the China Town Nightshow, enjoying all of Myanmar's tasty meals such as Shan Shan noodles, knödel, chocolate chips, chocolate chips, chocolate chips, chocolate chips, chocolate chips and Indian style muffins.

Burma travels in virtual travellers want to make a gift characterizing Myanmar to return as a gift for family. It is the biggest Yangon folk art fair, where almost everything was bought by the Myanmar population.

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