Interesting places of Myanmar

Places of interest in Myanmar

One of Myanmar's most important cities is Yangon (also known as Rangoon). Unfortunately I still managed to miss some places I want to see. Myanmar's morning markets are amazing. Myanmar is a country with a long and very rich history and a number of amazing sites. The Myanmar cuisine with its unique flavours is easy to recognise.

An interesting place to go - a look back at Hsipaw, Hsipaw, Myanmar

Hsibaw is also suitable for hiking, but we cannot walk around Hsibaw. So we drove to the famed places in Hsibaw. When you come to Hsibaw, you can do hiking, which is simple for everyone. I' ve travelled a lot in Myanmar, but so far Hsipaw has been my favourite place.

Many walks in the area to see the lives of the people, sailing down the stream or just relaxing and enjoying the views from a pleasant café. To get the long and slowly rough trip in order to get a great opportunity to see a bit of the area.

There we prolonged our trip and spent five nights. Love to explore little Bagan and plans to come back soon for a two-night long walking tour to the mountains to get together with the locals and be there. It'?s long, but it??s a long way to go! On the way to the falls the best we have done in Myanmar is just overwhelming.

There' s a minimum 1 hour 30 min stroll. The places I have been to are not available on Hsipaw but from Hsipaw. There was a small group and I rented a'Long Tail' for a cruise on the Dutawaddy River. Stop in a Shan Monastery for cake and tee, which lay one kilometer on a path through orchards and pine apple trees.

Have you been to Hsipaw?

Shan State attractions

The Shan state is located in eastern Myanmar. It' the biggest town in Myanmar. Taunggyi, Muse, Lashio and Tachileik are the most visited towns in Shan State. Shuan State is renowned for eco-tourism such as Inle Lake, Pindaya Cave, swimming towns and the gold triangle of Thailand, Laos and Tachileik. It' the second biggest in Myanmar.

It' 13.5 and 7 leagues long. It' a freshwater sea. There are about 64 towns around the area. The majority are swimming towns. Ethnic Germans from these towns are used to calling it "In Thar". This rudder technique is very much appreciated and can only be seen in Shan State, Myanmar.

It takes place 15 nights in Thadingyut of Myanmar Lunar Calendar (in October). Caravian Maungdaw takes Buddha pictures and tours 19 places around the Inle Lake neighborhood. Situated at the entry of the most southern part of the caves. Founded in 1918, it covers an area of 125.88 sq m.

Founded in 1930, it covers 62 sq m. Founded in 1985, it covers an area of 248 sq m. Founded in 1996, it covers an area of 30 sq m. Founded in 1996, it covers an area of 16.54 sq m. Founded in 1999, it covers an area of 128.88 sq m.

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