Interesting places in Yangon Myanmar

Places of interest in Yangon Myanmar

Each city needs an escape and the Kandawagu Nature Park was a great place to do just that. An overview of the most important sights in Myanmar:....

. that this country is so amazing. The most popular attractions in Myanmar (Burma). Nowadays the pagoda is an interesting place for tourists. Sadly, our time in Burma was limited and all we saw was Yangon.

Which are the interesting places in Yangon, Myanmar?

Yangons only have one main feature, the large pagoda, which starts with an acronym. I' ve made several trips to Yangon because of a boyfriend, but not because of the visa prices and the bad state of the visa center in my state.

A further major draw are the humans. Disadvantages are bad access to the web, no real transportation system, costly taxis, bad meals, missing shopping centres and caf├ęs.

The Yangon Tour - City Tour

Tour Yangon itinerary: The Yangon Sightseeing Day Tour starts and we go to the over 2500 year old Sule Pagoda. While we explore the city centre, you can also watch the busy lives of the locals. Next we drive near the creek to the Botatuang Pagoda.

The Mon constructed this marquee about 2500 years ago and reconstructed after its demolition in World War II. We will then go to the Chaukhtatgyi pit, known for its 66-metre-long Buddha picture. Afterwards it is a good idea to have your meal in a nearby restaurante.

You will be offered some of the best restaurants according to your requirements by our travel guides. We then head to Bogyoke Aung San Market, a large market that is renowned for its architectural design. You can see a large selection of regional stores and buy many gifts such as handicrafts and jewelry. The best part of this Yangon City Tour we are saving for the end, we drive to ShweDagon Pagoda, one of the best places in Yangon to watch the sundown.

Yangon - A hidden gemstone

The Yangon is not so big that it will be easy to look for inexpensive and inexpensive accommodation. We have found a good business on Bo Aung Kyaw Street, which is near most touristic places like the Sule Pagoda.

Taxis are available at all places of interest for transport. You can also make reservations by taxis if you want to stay and drive around the town for a few nights. Rates are not too high either, but ask the fare before boarding the cabin.

Getting around by buses, for example, is a bit of a hassle and it can take longer to reach your goal. We' ve had a cabbie on our way in. He' s fundamentally scheduled our route and maximized the amount of round-trip in Yangon for the next three nights.

First we were taken to a near situated couch to see the picturesque views and structures of one of the many couches in Myanmar. Please note: All boots and stockings must be taken off when you enter the area. One of the most popular is not the Kyauktawgyi pit, but its inner and antique structures are also something to be proud of.

This was when we knew why there were so few folks who came to the pit stop at such an opening time. I am a Christian, so I took it as a touristic sight when we went to a marina. Shwedagon' s stately side-street stood in strategic location in the Yangon town. There was a breathtaking look at the illuminated Shwedagon at work.

It' like the place was bedded with a golden plank. The best season for a walk in the Shwedagon Pagoda is because of the cold climate and the candles. This was definitely a great way to finish our first full days in Yangon. At 5.30 a.m. our cab arrives at the airport because the next stop we wanted to go to was not Yangon, but a 4-hour trip to a state named Mon State.

I' m telling you, to see a stone! But it'?s not just any stone, it?s a gilded cliffs! You got a goddamn gilded stone with a coupe on it?! Yes, as a matter of fact, there was a couch on the rocks, very near the rim, with gypsum on it.

It was more interested in how they were able to put the whole stone in silver. Eventually we arrived at the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. You can see clear in the sky like Shwedagon. Goldpaper was for auction, and many of them wanted and purchased happiness and stuck it on the rocks.

When we drove back to Yangon for another 4 hrs, we passed a military theme park. 3km. It' not far from Yangon and had a beautiful verdant meadow with gravestones with gravestones of those who were killed in the Myanmar warmonger. Therefore the cabbie chose to take us on a sightseeing trip.

This was one of the first churches to be constructed when the British arrived in Myanmar. Then we took a walk along the shore of the pond before leaving for our last lunch in Yangon. This concludes our 3-day journey in Yangon.

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