Interesting places in Yangon Myanmar

Places of interest in Yangon Myanmar

Each city needs an escape and the Kandawagu Nature Park was a great place to do just that. The most popular attractions in Myanmar (Burma). Nowadays the pagoda is an interesting place for tourists. Sadly, our time in Burma was limited and all we saw was Yangon. A unique feature of this Myanmar tour are two levels of activity:

A 3 day journey to the Golden Rock of Yangon, tour & sight seeing in Myanmar

Upon your arriving at Yangon International you will be welcomed by our English speaker tour leader and guided by road through the large town. The Sule Pagoda is said to have been finished about 2500 years ago and discover the town centre, where many former settlement are located.

Drive to one of the largest and most holy places in Myanmar, building eight Buddha relic sites, the largest picture of the lying Buddha and the Shwedagon Pagoda, a must on every Yangon sight. Bogyoke Aung San Market and buy at least the Myanmar clogs or a Longyi (sarong garment).

Trip to Kyaikhtiyoe basecamp, then by lorry to the top of the hill where the Golden Rock is located. One of the most famous places of Buddhism, the Kyaikhtiyoe is a rock covered in golden and stupas. This is an uncommon place and might make you wonder how it was built in the past.

The next day we go drowning to the basecamp and return to Yangon and on the way to Iago. Formerly known as Hanthawaddy, it is a wonderful town with the Royal Palazzo. They can do the Sago sight seeing inclusive Shwethalyaung Reclining Buddha (55 metres long), Shwemawdaw Pagoda, and the one interesting place is Kanbawzathardi Palace.

Depending on your inquiry and where you need to go again from Yangon, we can make you the appropriate suggestion for your airline tickets book.

Away from the well-trodden paths: Yangon, Myanmar

I recently came back to the former Myanmar capitol Yangon for two week. As Myanmar is called the Land of the Golden Pagodas, it is no wonder that this busy town is home to the famous Shwedagon Nilei. Besides the visit to the most sacred Buddha ist temple in Myanmar, there are many other places the town has to offers.

I reported in my earlier Myanmar story about things not to miss when traveling. I will also delve further into Yangon. Also known as Rangoon, Yangon is the largest town in Myanmar with over 6 million inhabitants and is the economic and governmental centre.

The skyline of Yangon is constantly evolving as the town evolves and the skyline is transformed into a skyscraper and condominium. There, we were living in Upper Yangon, so the drive to downtown Yangon would take 45 min (instead of 20 minutes), mainly because of the intensive music. Tip: If you plan to take a cab, consider the transport - especially if you travel from downtown Yangon to the bus station or airport.

It is only 55 metres long, while the Chaukhtatgyi Buddha is 65 metres long and is 10 min. away from the Shwedagon Pagoda as a stop. Compared to my first trip, there was an increase in the number of visitors to the Shrine. In order to prevent the masses of people, I recommend a trip in the mornings or later in the days.

You can easily reach the sanctuary (1000 - 2000k yats by cab from the Shwedagon Pagoda), so you don't have to take a trip. Situated near downtown Yangon and the Shwedagon Pagoda, it is a beautiful place to get away from mayhem. This is not a pristine sea that the British constructed during the British colonisation.

There are countless possibilities for eating and drinking on the nearby shores of the lakeside, especially for regional or various Southeast Asiatic cuisines. On the eastern bank of the lakeshore floats the Karaweik Palace, which today is a renovated eatery that enjoys outdoors during meal. Situated in an old Yangon style farmhouse in the centre of Yangon, the Bogyoke Aung San Market is an important travel stop in the area.

Whilst there are other small towns and villages spread around the town, this is by far the largest. Besides the sale of cloth and memorabilia, between the alleyways where the locals serve delicious meals and fruit while dining on small wooden chairs and desks. Yangon is no different in most of the world.

Most of the reasonably priced accommodation is in the city centre. On my first trip to Yangon I spent the night in a youth Hostel in one of these alleyways. There are 3 places of cult to be visited in this area (a religious site, a Hindu sanctuary and a buddhistic temple). The Sule Pagoda is further down on the eastern side.

Situated in the middle of the traffic circle, with an entrance price of 3000 kyat, it is fairly easily recognizable. It is no mystery that I am a fan of Southeast Asia drinks and Myanmar is no different. The 22-year-old theme parc was right in front of the southern entrance to the Shwedagon Pagoda.

Opposite Shwedagon and Happy World Amusement Park is Maha Wizaya Park. It' an impressing panorama, it' s calm and there are hardly any people. In addition, the visit to the pit stop is free of charge for all. It is not difficult to get an insight into everyday live outside the busy Yangon.

It is an interesting trip, especially to watch everyday living. There is a supermarket directly at the train stations at the outermost point of the trip. Since it is unusual for westerns to come to this area, you are welcome to be curious and excited (especially if you are a great alien - my boyfriend was halted for photos).

Do you know that Yangon has the most colorful building in the Southeast Asian area? Built in the nineteenth quarter, the area is a reminder of more than half a hundred years of British settlement. Whilst this area is the central business district of the town, most administrative authorities have been relocated to the main town, Naypyidaw.

I' m not sure what the blueprints for the futures of these structures are, but one of the former collonial structures was demolished. Cards of Yangon: This is what to do in and around Yangon next to the Shwedagon Pagoda After spending a decent amount of quality laps in town, it's always great to dare to go to the locals and get away from the pack.

It' s a rapidly evolving and adaptable nation due to increasing tourist activity, so don't miss the splendour of a town that gets bogged down in history before it begins to fade.

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