Interesting places in Myanmar

Places of interest in Myanmar

The Maha Myat Muni Pagoda, Shweinbin Monastery, The Maha Lawka Marazein Kuthodaw Pagoda. Sadly, I still managed to miss some places I want to see. The Shan state is located in eastern Myanmar. It' the largest city in Myanmar. Bordering China, Loas and Thailand.

Mandalay Attractions, Mandalay Tourist Attractions

Sanda Muni Buddha picture is located eastwards of Kyauktaw Gyi Pagoda. This was poured by King Bodawpaya before the foundation of the town of Mandalay. In 18563,94 kg of M. E. 1164, during the construction of the Great Mingun Pagoda, during the transient rule of King Bodawpaya in Nan Taw Kyun ("the Royal Palace Island"), the picture was poured out of 18563,94 kg of steel and respectfully brought to the royal town of Amarapura.

During King Bagyitaw's rule..... Buddha Tooth Relic is located on Maha Dhamma Yan Thi Hill, just south of the Yangon-Mandalay Highway, Shar-taw Lay Village, Amarapura Township. Maha Dhamma Yan Thi Hill was selected to build the pit, and the Parikamma Ground Cleansing Ceremony was held on July 6, 1995.

The 364.23 hectare site houses the 49.38 metre wide and 49.38 metre high chrysenter. It' located in Western Than Lyet Maw, Chan Mya Thazi Township. Eindawya Paya's wonderfully sculpted sideboard is located to the east of Zegyo Market. In 1847 King Pagan Min erected the pit on the site of the castle where he was living before he came to the top of the world.

It' located about 274.2 meters from the bottom of Mandalay Hill, southeastern of Mandalay Hill. King Mindon constructed the sideboard in M.E 1221. Mandalay Hill is located on the northeast edge of the Mandalay Royal Palace. On the sixth declining of Kason, M.E 1221 (.D 1857), King Mindon, who established the royal city of Yatanabon, constructed the Mya Nan San Kyaw, the royal palace.

Near the Atumashi convent there is the Shwenandaw convent, which means "Golden Palace Monastery". It is not only of great interest as a beautiful example of a typical Myanmar timber convent, but also as a shattering memory of the old Fort Mandalay. Once part of the palatial compound, it was used as an abode by King Mindon and his Princess, and he passed away in this one.

When Mindon died, King Thibaw Min..... During the Second World War, the entire castle site was devastated by fire. To this day, the castle ramparts, the four gateways and the ditch bear witness to the majesty of the town. Mandalay Hill is located on the northeast edge of the Mandalay Royal Palace. 2.

Mandalay Hill is encircled by the nine satellites Shwe Taung (the Golden Hill), Ngwe Taung (the Silver Hill), Paddamya Taung (the Ruby Hill), Hse-dan Taung (the Hill of Armenious Trisulfide), Myin Thila..... andalay is full of shops.

Mandalay Zay Cho is one of the most important markets in Mandalay. From there you can get almost everything, such as Acheik (Mandalay Seide Longyi), civet clothes, knitted clothes, Hto Graben (sticky cakes), laphets (pickled tealeaves ), Kadi potatoes clogs ( "velvet shoes"), silver goods, lacquered goods, jewelry, precious stones and so on. The Yandabo is a town on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River in the Mandalay region.

It' s renowned for a contract of truce between Anglo and Myanmar in 1826. The Mandalay area is home to many different woodcarvings; they make not only sacred objects such as Buddha pictures, but also other objects such as figurines and curves of decorated and decorated beads. You will find the garages near the Mahamuni Pagoda and in.....

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