Interesting places in Bagan Myanmar

Places of interest in Bagan Myanmar

Enjoy the best view of Bagan's sunset. Contains all important sights and activities in and around Bagan. In Bagan everything revolves around the temples and all activities and attractions are geared towards them. Mingun Boat Trip with Mandalay. This is the best place to watch Hannah's sunrise at Eat Sleep Breathe Travel.

Things to do in Bagan

I travelled to Myanmar in July 2012 with the traveller The Most Ave. This was a very interesting journey to a land that was hardly available to travellers and visitors for so many years. Bagan was one of our stations. Famous for its scenery we arrived from Yangoon with Yangoon Airways 9 hour late on a warm Wednesday afternoons.

|Bagan what? After check-in at our pretty little guest house named Royal Bagan Guest House we strolled through the city. Guest house was in New Bagan. Bagan is a region subdivided into three different cities. New Bagan is situated in the southern part, Old Bagan about 3 km in the northern part of New Bagan and in the northern part, about 3 km in the eastern part of old Bagan, Nyaung Oo, which seems to be the newest city in the area and also to the small airpor.

The pagoda scenery of Bagan is well known. Cycling is the simplest way. When you have a long trip to Myanmar and don't want to hurry, you' ll be staying for two nights. When you choose to hire a bicycle and ride through the countryside, I would suggest cycling from one part of the city to the next and riding a whole lap:

Bagan-> Old Bagan -> Nyaung Oo -> New Bagan. There' a few ways to get to Bagan. Yangon has several carriers offering air services directly from Yangon. You can take a number of buses from Yangon to Bagan and back. The best thing to do is to ask the travel agencies when they are in Yangon.

The majority of the busses are night busses and depart around 6pm and reach Bagan at 5-6am. From Yangon you can drive to Bagan, but only with a leader of the state. Travelling in Myanmar is still very limited and the Myanmar authorities have only opened a few towns for tourists.

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