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The Interaxon Muse

The InteraXon is the manufacturer of brainwave-controlled computer technology and applications. Guidebook with all the information you need to choose your personal muse. Muse: the headgear of the mind We' re a dedicated research and engineering professionals and academics who use EEG to help our customers lead happy and healthy lifestyles. Recently we introduced the second version of our portable EEG project "Muse: the brain feeling headband". The Accompanying Application works with the Muse Headbands on iPhone and Android to help the user create a mediation experience by providing real-time feed-back about his mind as he meditates.

Just chill out and take a breather. The muse will help.

An entirely redesigned muse adventure gives you a whole new way to perfect your daily work. Functions that further advance your Muse adventure. Take your concentration and recreation to the next stage. Increase your calmness, get real-time feed-back that enhances your consciousness, and increase your mood with Muse.

The muse is built on awareness drills that can make the mind more resilient to distraction. The muse motivates and makes jokes about this whole thing. It has been shown in the near future that this workout triggers the body's own relaxing reaction - a state of profound calm that changes our reactions to it. One survey showed that 20 min concentrated 3-day consecutive sessions of attentional workout can help alleviate fear s, enhance morale and lower your cardiac frequency.

IXAXON Inc, the global leader in consumer brain-sensing technology, announces French, English and French for its Muse Meditation headband, an enhanced SDK with new biosensors and new AR/VR features.

It also launched a new partner SDK to build apps using Muse brain-sensing technologies. Eventually, the corporation announces that it is working with VR/AR developing partner to introduce its brain-sensing technologies into the VR/AR environment and enable the user to communicate with their VR/AR environment via cerebral signal.

It was announced at the Digital Times press conference prior to the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, which will take place January 9-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Muse was introduced in 2014 and is the Interaxon headgear, a brain-sensing headgear that uses EEG sensory technologies to give the user insights into their meditation processes and individual feedbacks and instructions for the development of their concentrated awareness.

Cerebral transducers monitor the user's activities and forward the information to an application that leads them through a series of meditative activities. Interaxon has successfully launched the practices of mediation on a larger hypermarket through partnership with Amazon, Best Buy and Target. Built on the success of customer acceptance, the firm has created Muse Connect products that provide Saas-based software products for the hospital, healthcare, corporate and spa communities.

In addition, Interaxon has partnered with designer glasses manufacturer Safilo to develop a device that integrates Muse's cerebral sensors into stylish SMITH goggles to enable athlete to train cognitively and help them perform at their best. At this year's CES, Muse is making several new pronouncements that builds on the company's market share in consumers and healthcare products:

In 2018, Interaxon will expand into new countries, such as EMEA, LatAm and Australia, and its flag ship Muse will be available in the first new language versions in France, Germany and Spain. IXAXON has developed a VR/AR applications package for its brain-sensing technologies and will introduce a completely new class of consumers technologies that take advantage of advancements in low-cost brainsensors for head-mounted visual and mixed real-world-solutions.

The new roadaptive technologies are predicated on the recognition of brain reactions provoked by stimulations of vision, senses and cognition to enhance interactions with expanded and virtually realms. Interaxon provides its key technologies and platforms to a wider range of partners in all forms factor through the use of Interaxon Creative Suite tools and licenses, such as Muse Headgear, VR/AR and Lowdown Focus Wear.

Muse's Smith Lowdown Focus Goggles demonstrate extra sensor capabilities beyond the EEG and how they can be used by sportspeople to track and control their sporting performances across a variety of measures such as efficacy, body position and equilibrium in disciplines such as Yoga andycling. Via Interaxon:

We at Interaxon create impressive adventures using brainswave sensationalism to help you free yourself from bodily, emotionally and mentally barriers so you can get more out of every second. The Muse Browband is our main line of products, a sensorial browband that helps you practice meditation by giving you real-time sound and video feedbacks about your meditation state through the Muse Accompanying Application.

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