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Burma with Insider Journey's small group tours. Go under the surface in Burma. The Manuha and Gu Byauk Gyi Temple (Myinkabar), which contains very nice frescos. A traditional pagoda festival in honour of the Buddha statues in the Pindaya cave. It is an old city hidden deep in Burma.

We have a premonition

It is our premonition that our profound passion for business and our insider know-how makes us the first corporate travelers to not only Japan, but also Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. All of our clients benefit from the best possible tour packages, whether they choose our most sophisticated and high value packages or whether they are traveling on a more underspend.

Inside Asia Tours Ltd is an award-winning tour operator based on a real commitment to travelling and adventures. Offering one-of-a-kind group tours and individual tours in Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma. Travelers decide to come with us because we know and enjoy the places we are offering very well.

It is this expertise that allows us to offer you the best possible service whether you are traveling on a limited budgets or looking for the most luxurious and sophisticated service. All of our Japanese advisors are very enthusiastic and have been living, working and traveling throughout the United States.

InsideBurma Tours, the youngest member of the Inside range, is bringing our award-winning blend of superior client care, local expertise and cutting-edge culture to the up-and-coming Burmese (Myanmar) city. Select between our fabulous small group tours and tailor-made tours or talk to one of our specialists to plan your own perfect trip today.

Myanmar Tours

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The trip takes you to the most visited places in Myanmar, with attractions in Yangon, Bagan and the Inle Lake area. Soak up Yangon's colorful folk atmosphere and see the locals at the Inle Lake early bird markets. You will see in Bagan thousand of stately churches that fill the plain.

Dive into Myanmar on a voyage that unveils its high points, such as a trip on the Irrawaddy River and the thousand magnificent sanctuaries that fill the Bagan Plain. Explore less frequented indigenous marketplaces, mountainous areas, fishermen's communities and swimming pools on Inle Lake, an elephantcamp in the Shan Hills, and experience the true warmness of the Myanmar population.

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