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In His Yangon Township

ANDRITZ: THE Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) recently had some champagne moments with the first "real" IPO of a Myanmar-based telecommunications company. FAVOURED RESIDENTIAL AREAS In 1949, when the Karen National Defense Organization held 112 in its 112-day occupation, the area was outside Rangoon. If the Yangon rebels had invaded and torn the nation from Bamar's hand, it may have had a different story. Today, however, Insein is anchored in the Yangon outskirts and is home to one of the most infamous icons of Myanmar's might and repression - Insein Prison.

Insein also has inexpensive, roomy apartments, a large community health centre and several colleges. Small NGO World''Foreigner Ghetto''Hipster Yangon' Localized..... The township of Mingaladon is known for being home to the ever-growing Yangon..... It is the striking centre of the city like Pabedan, it is full of colorful..... From the city centre, we meet one of Yangon's most famous.....

Further westwards along University Avenue Rd is Kamaryut Township.....

In His GTI is reopened with the help of Germany

In Insein Township, Yangon Region, the 120-year-old GTI will re-open its door and with the help of the Federal Republic of Germany will be teaching engineering and professional courses. Mr U Aye Myint, Director General of the Department of Education and Training in the Ministry of Education (CEE), said that the institution is run in a common twinning between the CEE and the Federal Republic of Germany.

"We' re gonna have to do some bigger renovations to the place. It' s going to take about two week for the fix to be done and the classes are scheduled to begin in December," he said. It was opened in 1895, but the former army regime shut it down in 1996 using its headquarters as a policing station and renting the premises to privately owned companies.

As a reaction to requests from former pupils across the entire state, the administration approved the reopening of the college. K 2 billion is planned for large-scale repair of the headquarters and K 1.5 billion for offices. CEE' s budgets will be used to repair it and the Federal Republic of Germany will be providing the necessary assistance.

Lectures offered after the opening include construction and structural engineers, machine construction, electrotechnology, electronics and information tech. This course lasts three years. GTI course proposals are published in the state press, and those who have completed their school-leaving examination in the natural sciences can submit one.

The first admission includes five professional trainings and about 200 enrolled in the first group. The number of instructors available to give lessons has increased since the provision of assistance by the Federal Republic of Germany. The Federal Republic of Germany has made more than 36 million Euro (55 billion K) available to the Myanmar authorities since 2012 to promote technological and professional education.

"We are very interested in supporting technological and professional development in Myanmar," said Thomas Silberhorn, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Germany.

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