Insein Township

Community of Insein

His township is located in Min Gyi Rd, corner of Lan Thit Rd, Ywar Ma (East) Ward, Insein Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar. href="

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Included in this articel is the Myanmar alphabet. If you don't have correct rendered capabilities, you can see questions, checkboxes, or other icons instead of Burma's characters. In His Township (Burmese: ??????????????????, pronounced[???sèi? mjo?n??]) is situated in the upstate of Yangon. Township includes 21 stations and is bordered to the south by the Shwepyitha Township, to the south by the Hlaingthaya Township, to the south by the Mingaladon Township and to the south by the Mayangon Township[1] Insein is home to Insein Jail, the most infamous jail in the land, where 100 per cent of the world' s population live.

Up until the 1990', Insein, about 20 leagues from the centre of Yangon, was outside the boundaries of Yangon, although Insein was already part of the town in the 1980'. Insein was officially annexed to Yangon with the extension of Yangon's urban boundaries in the 1990', which also involved the establishment of new satellites.

It has 33 elementary and ten secondary and six high schools[1]Karen Baptist Theological Seminary, the Myanmar Institute of Theology, the University of Paramedical Science, Yangon, Yangon Technological University and is in the township. Insein General Hospitals is the main clinic.

Community of Insein

This township is located in the northern part of Yangon. It borders the municipality of Shwepyithar to the north and to Hlaingtharya to the east and the municipality of Mingaladon to the southwest. It has a famed Myanmar jail dating back to the time of the colonial government and the highest is the Buddha picture (Kyaut Daw Kyi Pagoda) carved in marmorstone.

There' s a great deal of Kayin racial in this township and also has Christian Dammha University. Yangon Medical Technology University, Yangon Technology University, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, CID, Innsein Markets, all of which are world-renowned. The Ywama Pariyatti Buddhist University, located in the northern district of Innsein Ywama, is well known and many renowned Myanmar friars have been studying at this university.

Kyin celebrate ethnical folk festivals in township yearly. There are many stations in this township called "Kone", like Danyin Kone, Bo Kone, Tonethu Kone, Shan Kone, Zay Kone, Zee Oak Kone, Nantthar Kone, Sawbwagyi Kone and Kyo Kone.... all are known in the city. Innersein is the overcrowded community and many apartments, businesses, single-family houses that remain in the city.

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