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In Seine Totship is not to be mistaken for Insein, Kale. In Seine Totship ( "Insein Township", Burmese: ??????????????????, in Burmese expressed as /???sèi? mjo?n??/) is situated in the upstate of Yangon. It has 21 stations and is bordered to the south by the Shwepyithaownship, to the south by the Hlaingthayaownship, to the south by the Mingaladon Township[1] Insein is home to Insein Jail, the most infamous jail in the land, where 100 s of the world' s largest numbers of imprisoned politicians live.

Up until the 1990', Insein, about 20 leagues from the centre of Yangon, was outside the boundaries of Yangon, although Insein was already part of the town in the 1980'. Insein was officially annexed to Yangon with the extension of Yangon's urban boundaries in the 1990', which also involved the establishment of new satellites.

It has 33 elementary and ten secondary and six high schools[1]Karen Baptist Theological Seminary, the Myanmar Institute of Theology, the University of Paramedical Science, Yangon, Yangon Technological University and is situated in the township. Insein General Hospitals is the main clinic. In Seine Totship. The Yangon City Development Committee. Insein Battle never really ended.

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