Innlay Lake in Myanmar

Lake Innlay in Myanmar

Lake Inle is the second largest natural lake in Myanmar. Situated in the middle of the Nyaungshwe valley, nestled between two mountain ranges stretching from north to south. Lake Inle is a freshwater lake in the municipality of Nyaungshwe in Taunggyi district in Shan state, part of Shan Hills in Myanmar, Burma. Lake Inle is a freshwater lake in the municipality of Nyaungshwe in Taunggyi district in Shan state, part of Shan Hills in Myanmar, Burma. This is a region that is becoming increasingly popular with travellers.

About Inle Lake - All you need to know about Inle Lake

Lake Inle is the second biggest lake in Myanmar. It is 22 km long, 11 km wide and 875 m above the surface. The Inle Lake is 35 kilometers from the closest Heho International Airports and is served from Yangon and Mandalay.

There are 17 towns on the shores and islets of Lake Inle, all on footbridges. There is no real bank line on the lake, you cannot circle it directly. Lake Inle becomes flat when hyacinth and swamps become thick; the road becomes inaccessible, and all of a sudden there is rock.

People on the islands are known as Intha, and they are Buddhist believers. One of the most notable features of the lake are the Intha fishermen: they sail their vessels with a shallow bottom by lifting one foot on the transom and with the other foot on the rudder to get a better view of the reed.

Lake Inle in Myanmar

For many of us, Myanmar is a mystical and uncharted land. The majority associate Myanmar with the political leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who has been under home detention for years and is the face of the "new" Myanmar. All we don't know is what the state is. In July this year I made a brief journey to the land also known as Burma and besides the capitol Yangoon in the south and Bagan in the western part I also went to the town of Inle at Lake Inle.

The Inle is a small city on the top of Lake Inle. It' s all a little more pricey than anywhere else in the whole state, because it's so small and masculine that all visitors take a tour around the lake. Find out how much it is costing to get to Myanmar!

Inle is the only place most folks would say you can do a seawalk. A sea trip is a must. When you have some spare minute, take a full two or three full working hours trip!

Itineraries are very inexpensive, but that is only because the boaters get a provision for everything you buy on the lake. On a full-time trip you will attend about 4-6 silver, clothing, cigar and other items making shops.... They are very high priced for Burma, but still cheaper when translated into your country's currencies!

You will be picked up at your phone and taken around the lake. For the first two hrs you will just go and stop to see some indigenous fishermen known for paddling in their canoes. You will spend the remainder of the trip, as already stated, at all of our workshop and for dinner in a rather pricey eatery.

You are not permitted to go alone in Myanmar, you need a driver to hire a vehicle and discover the countryside on your own, but you can hire a bicycle in the small cities and go from one city to another. This is a good opportunity to leave the "tourist" places and discover the "real" land!

Near Inle there are some nice sources. There' are many quite inexpensive ho(s)tells in Inle. US$12. Remind me of the river in the North. Situated on the lake itself, very near the swimming garden. Situated near the lake, very nice place with a great buffetfast. Fewer tourist end of the city, but still nice (near inexpensive locals restaurants) $5/$10.

You have a few ways to get to Inle, according to your available funds. Myanmar has a number of towns where all Myanmar airfares revolve and stop. All depart from Yangoon and stop first in Bagan, then in Mandalay and then on to Heho (Inle) before they return to Yangoon.

One much less expensive but also less convenient way to get to Inle is by coach. They' ll tell you from Yangoon it'll take about 13h. Yangoon's coach costs about $20. You can take the coach from Bagan to Inle in about 7 hrs and costs between $7-10.

I' ve ever had was between Inle and Yangoon. It is possible to drive to Inle by road, but only with a driver provided by the state. Travelling in Myanmar is still very limited and the Myanmar authorities have only opened a few towns for tourists.

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