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The majority of us were born and grew up among the different peoples, the unique traditions and the rare natural wealth of the Inle region. See the Sanctum Inle Resort, Myanmar hotel review on Telegraph Travel. Situated on the shores of the famous Lake Inle, with its enchanting landscape and its people, we offer you a quiet and relaxing holiday. Explore the best activities in Inle Lake. Lake Inle is one of the most magical places in Myanmar and a highlight on almost all our routes.

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Gorgeous Lac Inle is a must for most travelers to Myanmar (Burma) and offers a fantastic range of boutiques and luxurious resorts with stunning sea-view. First, on the shores of the lagoon there are a number of beautifully situated surface resorts that provide great vistas but await an early wake-up when the motorboats begin to turn in the mornings.

Second, the most demanding lodging is on the shore of the sea, a little further away from the sea and noises. Last ly, the near Nyuangshwe, which has excellent accessibility to the beautiful lakeside, is the best choice for those with a smaller budge. Here too we have found some great small properties!

Mandalay is the second largest town in Myanmar with one of the most impressive name in the area and the gate to the great Hsipaw area. It is one of the best places to leave the well-worn paths and see the countryside of Myanmar. Sleep in a lovely riverfront chalet, hike through paddy fields and see small Shan villages where natives lived 50 years ago.

You can also take a marvellous cruise upriver to a convent that is used as a training ground for young noviciate friars. The Bagan is the old village that really put Myanmar (Burma) on the roadmaps. Featuring more than 2,000 historical Stupa, sanctuaries and Pagoda trees scattered over a huge area, you really have to see it to believe it.

We' ll make sure you get to the best places for sunsets or sunrises to see this astonishing spread of sanctuaries over the valleys - or better still, ask us for a hot air flight! More than 13 nautical mile long, this stunning fresh water sea looks like a huge plate of tin that reflects the skies like a stern.

We' ve got a fantastic range of budget properties to offer. It has quickly become one of our favorite beaches in Southeast Asia. But in the shadow of the pines lie some nice and tasteful luxurious accommodations that fit into their environment - there is no better way to stop for a few outings!

The former Rakhine capitol boasts a dramatically diverse group of shrines and shrines (newer than Bagan's) that look like a fort because they are made of rock with long winding inlets. You can discover secluded remains, holy sanctuaries and unspoilt shores from here. This group of about 800 untouched and picturesque blank sandy isles off Myanmar's major coastline.

The best way to explore them is on a 3 or 4 nights boat trip - and we have some wonderful luxury yachts on sale. It is now customary to explore this exceptional country of gold towers, magnificent churches and untouched sands. Await migratory friars (who are the famous ones on the A-list here), buffalo that graze in wonderful countryside and a native people who still dress in traditional clothing but are still subject to westerly roads.

Myanmar, or Burma as it was formerly known, has only recently opened its gates to the tourist industry after the 2010 warship. We' ve travelled Myanmar for month and tried everything from Ayeyarwady River cruising to luxury seaside fashion boutiques and simple rooms off the well-trodden paths.

We observed the sundown over Bagan from the less known sanctuaries, had a newly prepared Myanmar meal in a house on stilt bars over Lake Inle and took the best of the shaky, swaying trains that led through Myanmar's most beautiful area. Choose our minds by writing us an email or phoning 0207 112 0019 for free tips on our favorite accommodation and how to make the most of your Myanmar holidays.

We' re very proud of the holiday season and the services we offer our clients and were overjoyed to receive the 2014 Short Break Tour Operator of the Year prize from Guardian & Observer Newspaper. Special situation, beaches, restaurants, doubles /double bed, common / privat swimming pools, cook, room services, massage therapist, etc.... where do you have?

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