Inle Lake Weather February

Weather Inle Lake February

Weather in February at Inle Lake. The month of February is a little warmer than January. Will the climate at Inle Lake in Myanmar be good in February? This is the full moon day of the Tabodwe/Htamane Festival (January or February): Weather around Inle Lake and Southern Shan State is usually pleasant all year round, but cold at night from December to February.

Weather in February at Inle Lake

The weather: It is a little warm in February compared to January. The dryest time of the year is February, with an 11-hour mean day. Clothes: As the dates below show, it gets really cool in the early morning and evening in February. A cruise is the ideal way to experience the beauties of Lake Inle.

But how can you avoid discovering a tranquil and remote place to stay in this beautiful February or relax at a splendid source of sun? You are always welcome to join the locals in celebrating Union Day. While you may have seen many couples in other towns, you will still be amazed by the Kakku Puagoda Group.

In contrast to other more common types of pagoda, Kakku pagoda are a little off the well-trodden paths, which gives them a particular peace and sereneness. You' ll cross an arable land, cool and verdant; some small towns where the natives lead a straightforward and self-sufficient lifestyle; and a small village fair that gives you the opportunity to see how peasants work their lives.

When you get there, you will see giant banaceae that line up along the path to the Pagoda. You' ll have the feeling of being in a historic wood and telling stories about time. It is said that a pagoda has been made here since the twelfth c... There have been 2,478 coupons there for many years.

It is a wonderful place with ancient peagodas, giant flowers and sky that makes it a great place for filming. He is very well acquainted and will help you to find out more about the area' s past and present. Would you like to have a unique event, different from a visit to a pagoda or a market?

February offers you the opportunity to unwind in a warm water source in the suburbs of Inle Lake. Myanmar's Union Day is 12 February. Over 7,000 participants from all over the countryside take part in a procession of different racial-nationals. Moroccans are happy when they join in the celebration.

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