Inle Lake View Resort

The Inle Lake View Resort

On the western shore of Inle Lake is the Inle Lake View Resort & Spa. Incorporate a stay at Inle Lake View Resort for your tailor-made holiday in Myanmar. Booking Inle Lake View Resort & Spa, a four-star hotel in Yawnghwe.

Hotel Valuations, Room Prices & Booking, Inle Lake View Resort & Spa

Unfortunately there are no rooms for {0} people. The Inle Lake View Resort & Spa is a favourite destination for travellers in Inle Lake, whether on a voyage of discovery or just on the way through. It provides a high level of services and facilities to meet the needs of all travellers.

Guest rooms provide a good night's rest with some rooms with amenities such as free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection, Jacuzzi bath, non-smoking rooms, under-heat. Inle Lake View Resort & Spa is the ideal place for your Inle Lake holiday. Kids are welcome in this motel.

You can pay by bank transfer at the hotels. We love the environmentally friendlier affection this place had. Surroundings are wonderful and very quiet. At Inle Lake View we debated our discontent with the Alderman. The room was not as well equipped or high-tech as in some of the hotels where we spent the night, but everything worked.

He was not as enthusiastic about this place as there were disappointments. So we were received so kindly and all the employees were very supportive. Situated next to a small town, it is definitely a good idea to take a stroll through the town. There'?s not enough good we can say about this place.

There is a breathtaking view of the beautiful lakeside from the balcony. Managment was kind and I felt welcome and at home as a single traveler. Well, I used to love the secluded location of this place. It was a pleasant note that when I came back in the afternoons, a member of the team would quickly find me wherever I was, with a smooth reception.

The whole personnel washes itself and always smile. Situated in a quiet and quiet area, the property has recently been renovated to a very high quality, well-furnished. They were always kind and supportive with an enchanted smile. We had been informed that the original owners could hold back, but that was anything but the true state. Well, the personnel are kind, but the technology is definitely not there.

Used to love roaming around in the streets and found the charm of the Frenchief. Simple rent a sailboat in the hotels or at the outside door a little less expensive. Surroundings are tranquil and nice. Our personnel and the overseas managers are friendly and very helpful (and always available) to give you advice on your travels.

Our employees are kind and helpful as everywhere in Myanmar. The rooms are wonderful with a view of the lakes. If you want a full chillout, this would be the place to go.

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