Inle Lake Shan state Myanmar

Myanmar State of Inle Lake Shan

There are hills around the lake where countless minorities live: Shan State's cool green hills offer countless active and cultural experiences for tourists. Lake Inle is one of the most famous lakes in Myanmar. I just wonder which is the best base to visit Lake Inle. The museum shows some relics of Burmese and Shan state history.

Trip to Inle Lake in Myanmar

Shan State's chilly verdant rolling countryside offers countless opportunities for activity and culture for the tourist. Inle Lake is the most spectacular of all. The lake is flanked by high mounds on both sides of the lake. On the lake shores and islets there are several hundred towns (including convents and pagodas) that have been erected on stilt walkways and are mainly populated by the Intha.

Travellers to Inle Lake will find crystal clear seas, luscious verdant rolling countryside, clear, deep sky and a calm and tranquil lake populated by a cosy and inviting group. The Inle Lake is known for the Inle Lake's singular way of life.

Living in lake dwellings, they even cultivate their veggies in swimming pools attached to the lake floor with the help of piles of bamboo. Experienced boaters and anglers, the Intha, are known for their singular way of boating, where they are standing on one foot and using the other to slide the rudder through the canal.

Guests can spend the night in lakeside accommodation and discover the towns and lakeside peaks in old-fashioned canoes. There is a walking fair leading through several lakeside towns, which are open every five nights and offer the visitor the opportunity to get to know the area.

The other areas of Shan State are great hiking spots. This is the best known hike from Kalaw to Lake Inle, but also from Hsipaw or Pindaya. Hikers stay in convents and dine in towns along the way.

It is the largest airfield in Shan State and is about an hour's car ride from most of the region's larger towns. Anyone in Myanmar will answer Mount Victoria if you tell them about Chin. It' the highest summit of the Chin state and the most visited..... My interest was drawn to the uncharted southwestern coastline of Myanmar and I dared to discover the Dawei Marsh.

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