Inle Lake Map

Lake Inle Map

Lake Inle lies at the centre of the greatest depression in the Nyaungshwe valley of Myanmar, between two mountain ranges. Inle Lake Myanmar Treasure Resor. Inle Lake, Shan State, Myanmar nature reserve map from publication: Inle Lake map (southern Shan state Myanmar) with locations of towns, villages and interesting places. Map is not drawn to scale.

Lake Inle bike map

Lake Inle is a lake in the Burmese Shan Highland or Shan Hills. Situated in the centre of the vast Balu valley at about 900 metres above sealevel, the lake is home to the town of Nyaung Shwe, the commercial centre and centre of Inle.

There are about twenty of the Intha tribes on the lake, living on the waterside in stilts and on the lakefront. Aside from the boating, the best way to get around Inle is a long bike ride along the lakefront, through the towns that cross the landscape between the mountains.

Now that you've taken the cruise, why not take a ride off the well-trodden paths? Cycling through Nyaung Shwe or to Red Mountain Vineyard is easy. It is also enjoyable to drive a short distance to Shwe Yan Pyay Abbey to the northern side and lasts only 15 mins. The Htet Eain caves 4 km eastwards of Nyaung Shwe is also interesting, about 20 min. over a big cloister.

Lake Inle bike map / Plan du Lac Inle a velo / Fietskaart. Inle is a very cool place in winters. Nyaung Shwe 11 km to Maing Thauk - about 1h. One way. Nyaung Shwe 12 km to the hot spring in Khaung Daing - about 1 hr, one way.

To Inle Lake Loop - First bike tour to Maing Thauk and dinner in one of the many restaurants near the trail. A 30-minutes cruise takes about 6000 kyats per vessel and it is always simple to find a guide. Cruise to Shwe Yee Win Restuarant, Maing Thauk.

Sadly there is no sight of Inle Lake..... Approximately 15 min. by bike behind the warm water sources is the town of Khaung Taing; there is not much to see, except perhaps the famed "Shan-Tofu" of chopped pea. This is Khaung Taing shield: "Journey by ship to Maing Thauk". Restaurants in the town of Maing Thauk (Mine Thouk).

The Maing Thauk is actually not one, but two towns linked by a 600 metre long path: The Maing Thauk Town on the bank and Maing Thauk Inn on the lake. Walking path in Maing Thauk, on the hillside the forest monastery (2010). Timber bridging / footbridge in Maing Thauk, 2017. There are a few small restaurant-a better name is restaurants-that are very loved by those who want something more exiting than their seaside restaurant's cuisine.

Bambushütte and Inle Heart View are two on the way to Maing Thauk/Mine thank ( "Thouk") (2 km behind the red cellar). Rotweinkellerei is located on a hillside on the eastern side of the lake and serves tastings for 5000 Kyats until 6 pm. There' s also a large terrace with a lake and a good look at the sundown.

Most of the above listed places are just places to eat, but some basic places around Inle sometimes scored better than the real Nyaung Shwe area. Isn' t it ironical - some folks value a cheaper food in a place higher than a classy supper in an upscale hotel; the cost is not always a mirror of restaurant sophistication.

Resort meals are often paid in US Dollar, but in Kyats it is paid in Kyats. I' m not a big admirer of those greasy burmesian Currys or Indic Currys from Burma restaurant; but I can suggest the Innlay Hut in Nyaung Shwe for genuine India Currys - yes, it's just a plain restaurant, but they make great Currys.

The Pub Asiatico is also a good place for cocktails and a good place for a westerly cuisine. Just a hill town in the Shan Hills, Inle Pub Asiatico is a startlingly large, upscale place you would find in the old Yangon. When you are in Nyaung Shwe around the New Year, you are in the right place.

The Inle Palace Restaurante on the way in Maing Thauk. Sometimes I hire a Mountainbike, because it is quicker and you can discover some of the smaller field ways in the direction of the uphill. An easy bicycle with gearshift (about 1500 kyat/day) is good enough, a MTB can be from 7000 to 15000 kyats ($5 to $10).

There is also a possibility of using a Kalaw - Inle trekking day trip: see Naing Naing (Biking & Trekking) - Day Tours in Kalaw. Maing Thauk on the Rote Radweg is broader and better; and Maing Thauk with its long footbridge and many restaurants is more attractive than Khaung Daing.

Full Inle-See-Schleife is a medium cycle tour with mostly shallow road. Beyond Nyaung Shwe. Are you looking for a classy place, a cosy motel or a pleasant guest house? You can either spend the night in a seaside resorts on Lake Inle or in a motel or guest house in Nyaung Shwe, the centre of Inle.

Lakefront residence is pricey (80 - 300 USD); a guest house or lodging in Nyaung Shwe is much less pricey (about 10 - 150 USD). In the small towns around Lake Inle there are no pensions, only hostels and holiday homes. The Nyaung Shwe is the vibrant, centrally located city with day-to-day market and many fine dining; the destinations have tranquillity and beautiful sundowns.

However, the lake is not always calm as there are loud boat trips on the lake during the day. While some of the hotels on the shores of Lake Inle can be accessed by cab, most trips around the lake are by canoe. However, you may find yourself trapped in a seaside town because there are no yachts at nights, making having a meal in Nyaung Shwe a little difficult.

It is wise to pay close attention to your meeting with the restaurants when selecting a destination.... in most of them you are a "trapped guest". I think a seaside spa or a noble enclosed lodge can keep you isolated from the charm of rural living. When you want to get a feeling for a small city in Burma, you must remain in Nyaung Shwe.

The name of Nyaung Shwe is an example of this. Number 1 is a lodging, number 2 is a B&B. Inle Lake Resort and Resort have made things difficult by using some of the most popular examples of generics such as Villa Inle Resort & Spa, Maing Thauk Village and Inle Resort, Mine Tauk Village.

There' even is a "Hotel Nyaung Shwe" in Nyaung Shwe..... what is in a name, we don't need down here. Valuations of hotels and restaurants are always checked by Trypadvisor - but not for duplications or geographic area. Yawnghwe Haw in Nyaung Shwe. Yawnghwe is the old Shan name for "Nyaung Shwe".

Yawnghwe Haw" (Yawnghwe Palace) is an interesting historical Shan building in Nyaung Shwe, which shows a large number of Buddha-statures. But if the building does not make a living, it could be a good idea to demolish the old building and replace it with a touristic place. There' s also a small Shan State Musuem in Taunggyi, a small hill city that is even higher and colder than Nyaung Shwe.

Yawnghwe Haw" (Yawnghwe Palace) in Nyaung Shwe. During the rule of Sao Shwe Thaike the river was consecrated and became the city' s administration centre. São Shwe Thaike became an important character in Burma's story when he became the first president of the Burmese Union in 1948.

Nyaung Shwe Museum, Yawnghwe Haw; operated by the Shan State Ministry of Culture. Kyaungs in Bagan and Mandalay are often built of stones, but the characteristic abbeys around Inle are mostly built of tea or hard wood, sometimes in surprising sizes. Many Kyaungs are around Lake Inle, but few are on the waters, for example the Jumping Cat Monastery or Nga Phe Kyaung.

Inle is the right place to take astonishing pictures of noviciate friars in convents, besides Mandalay of course. Svwe In Bin Kyaung is an athletic teak convent in another part of Mandalay. Lake Inle has a few intriguing Kyaungs when you get on a cycle and take a brief cycle tour.

Situated on the major driveway to Nyaung Shwe, the small and very old Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung Convent, next to the Shwe Yan Pyay pit. or Kyaungs around Lake Inle. The map also shows the old location of the British Fort Stedman in the town of Maing Thauk, which was the capital of the southern Shan states.

What cruise? Inle Lake Cruise is a must for every Burma cruise. On the lake, the Intha fishers, the swimming towns and aqua culture is the greatest pleasure - but there are also some sights like the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda or the Indein-Mountain.

Usually it is simple to bring 4 or 5 persons together and bargain on the channel side with the guide or the lady who organizes the outings. Compose your own cruise: you are paying, so you choose. You might want to stay away from the pose fishing tourists. at the lakefront.

Costs for the cruise are about 20. Kiev (incl. Indein village) for a whole yacht, (4/5 persons) or more. Normally a business here is a simple business, but be aware of what you want before you get on the water. Notice that the boatmen hardly talk English..... and the motors are pretty loud.

ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITIES additional opportunities for boating trips. Some boating trips. Some literary variants exist, e.g. there is a surcharge for the ascent to the small town of Indein. 10 to 15 bucks (20,000 kyat) is quite a reasonable cost, just think of the Tonle Sap cruises in Angkor, which cost 20 bucks per passenger for 2 hour and only one swimming town - including a few fraud along the way.

Luckily, tourist transport on Inle Lake is still small in comparison to the masses of people in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The majority of the cruises are on the same route, the normal cruise goes to a silversmith, the *Phaung-Daw-U Pagode, Cheroot (cigar making), lunches at a lake side café, *Lotus weaving, float garden farming, a swimming town and No Longer Jumping Cat Monastery.

This extensive cruise will include Indein and may include the *Paung-Daw-U pit, *Andein Dorf und Hügeltempel, the paper shade plant, a luncheon in a lake restuarant, *Lotusweberei, a silversmith, the Flating Garden Farm, a swimming town and the No Longer Jumping Cat Monastery.

Boating has become one of the most favourite activities in Inle; there are for example around the lake about ten silversmiths, which cannot all be the same. Today the fishermen pose for photos at the lake entry and are hoping for a tip. It' probably better to prevent this; for example, you can adjust your boating trip.

A full-length, alternate cruise could focus on the town of Nampan at the south end of the lake: Departure from *Your Town and the temples of the hills to escape the crowds, the Alodaw Pauk Wooden Farm in Nampan (instead of the *Paung-Daw-U Pagoda), the Teak Wood Boatyard (Nampan), Cheroot (cigar making), dinner in Burma's Cat Town near Inn Paw Khon, a blacksmith, the Swimming Garden Farm, a swimming town.

Boat trip to the interior of the country to Indein/Inthein (costs a little more). *Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. On stilt in the lake. In the high seasons there are many other visitors around most places in Inle Lake; if you want to go to a peaceful and genuine place, get up early and drive to Sankar (see below).

Alternatively, take a bike ride and see the places where boating never takes place. Tip: Take a pullover with you, it can be freezing on the lake before 10 am. Sankar, the other lake. Lake Inle is not the only lake in the Balu valley. The Inle Lake flows through Balu Chaung Creek at its south end to a dam lake, which is commonly referred to as "Sankar Lake" or "Sagar Lake".

It is the small town of Sankar and the partially immersed stupa. Sanzhar can be written as Sangar, Samkar, Samka and Sagar. Sankar's Google Earth name is officially Samka, Myanmar, but most travellers call it Sankar. Inle lake on Wikiravel. com - Shan State on Strip. com/Michalon - A work on turism, fish farming, pesticide, fishing, forestation, environment by Martin Michalon.

Information about the hotel and resort histories at the lake. - Martin Michalon explained the impact of the tourist industry on the Inlay Lake region. It' a day, but the venue revolves around 5 different places around the lake, among them Nyaung Shwe, Heho, Taunggyi, Mine Thauk, Khaung Daing.

Nyaung Shwe and Sankar's coordinates.

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