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Favourite hotels on Lake Inle. Thale U Hotel Golden Island Cottages. The Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort Hotel. The Aureum Palace Hotel & Resort Inle. Soitel Inle Lake Myat Min Hotel.

High-Definition photos + reviews of hotels in Inle Lake, Myanmar

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Top 6 Hotels near Inle Lake, Ywama, Myanmar

Are you looking for homes near Inle Lake, Ywama? Fill in your data and select from 111 objects. They' re talkin' about Inle Lake! Discover our rating of "Inle Lake" How does it work? So we know that our ratings come from genuine visitors who have remained on the site. During the overnight stays on the premises, they verify how calm the room is, how kind the personnel is and much more.

At the end of the journey the visitors tell us about their sojourn. Before we add any bad words to our site, we test the veracity of all our visitors' ratings. When you have made a booking with us and would like to give us a rating, please register first.

NYAUNG SHWE Spa Resort - Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min

Indulge yourself in peace and quiet at the Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min Hotell. There is an inflinity swimming pool and the lake sundown offers an inviting setting for your holiday or your meeting at Novotel. Select one of our two packs, MyKids or MyGlass to make your Myanmar adventure one to remember.

Situated in the garden of the residence, our suites provide stunning panoramic vistas from a secluded balcon. Situated on the lake, each 110 m villa provides peace and complete tranquillity with a seperate lounge and sleeping area. It was an memorable event! Large, well-designed 76 m suite with 1 bed room, 1 bath room and lake front area.

There is an invaluable amenity: there is a seperate lounging area and a own balcon. It is a singular adventure that combines relaxing and concentration. The 112 m villa on Lake Inle has a large outside patio, a large living room and an extensive en-suite bedroom with bathtub and walk-in-room. Our villas are situated on Lake Inle with a magnificent panoramic outlook and offer a one-of-a-kind adventure that combines relax and functionality.

Contains a seperate lounging room, a large outside patio and an enormously spacious ensuite toilet with a seperate bathtub and showers. It was an memorable event! The 76 m² large suites have 1 bedrooms and 1 bathrooms. There is an invaluable amenity: there is a seperate lounging area and a own balcon. Situated above Lake Inle, the Ristorante has a magnificent view and is the ideal place to watch the sundown.

We serve newly cooked dishes with a large choice of Asiatic and foreign specialities. Situated above Lake Inle, the lounge has a great view and is the ideal place to relax. 30 o'clock the café has a large choice of drinks and lightweight treats. Nice resort on Lake Inle. We knew that if we stayed as long as you expected, you will have no problems.

The use of the hotel is twice as much as the cost of a cab, so just ask them to call a cab and it's not that high! It is very quiet as it is not on the bulk of the lake, so don't listen to all the loud fisher yachts. When you have supper or lunches at the hotel, I think they need more asiatic alternatives since it was quite difficult on the west side and that' s not why I come to ASEAN!

Another point is that the eatery is shut down for renovations at sundown. Apart from that it is a very quiet place to linger and the personnel is really good - especially in the restaurants and bars. We welcome your comment on your visit to Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min.

I' m sure that this feed-back will encourage all our employees to continually enhance the service to you. Again, thank you for telling us your experiences, and we are hoping that your next trip will be as enjoyable as the one before. Yours faithfully, I could not have wished for a better one.

It was a particularly nice place, the room and the hospital. and the manager, May was totally first-rate. The meals in the eatery were delicious and the dinners and breakfasts were first-rate. The personnel was friendly and professionally trained! Our employees are supportive and courteous. There is a great atmosphere in the rooms, the personnel, the location, the landscape, the facilities.

A great deal of customer care, as the resort enabled us to arrive very early at 6am and a free update to the surprisingly large and comfortable mansion suites. Top-quality dining and room comforts. Our managerial staff is very courteous and has tried to make our visit as pleasant as possible.

I' ve never seen such an outstanding level of hospitality services similar to Novotel's on Inle Lake. My fiance and I had come back from our cruise at an unfavourable moment and the waiters supplied us with bottled waters without us having to solicit them.

There is no reason for me to criticise the service provided by your accommodation, as everything was almost intact. Thank you very much for the valuable input you have put into sharing your experiences with us. If you have any questions or suggestions about your visit to Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I' m sure that this feed-back will encourage all our employees to continually enhance the service to you. Again, thank you for telling us your experiences, and we sincerely wish that your next trip will be as enjoyable as the one before. Unbelievable bunks, a great arrivals and everything runs much smoother than on my last outing.

so we don't get many guests in the home during this period so we don't really get very calm but really cute for us to chill. i asked for honeymoon installation, and FO personnel examined with me when i was checking in with my girlfriend.

but she knew when we checked in, so I think the hotelier should find another way to validate the Honeymoon with the guests instead of during the check-in... but thanks for the arrangements for me... the mansion is big and beautiful, we liked a great deal, but there's little I want to say:

I think the motel must have something to do with it. Getko also made a lot of noises when we slept and woke up. F&B: we ate at the motel. we ordered 1 risottos, but it's already overcooked & smooth. so I think it's not risottos anymore but rather China mash. but we already told the restaurateur personnel. Well, I'd say we loved this sojourn and the personnel is very friendly and warmed. they offered a good welcome to us. we also had a little trouble during our sojourn but we like this place.

Staying in Inle Lake Novetel for our Honeymoon was a great time. During our sojourn we were converted into deluxe rooms and the room was wonderfully furnished and we appreciate that the executive staff took our particular desire to make our journey a truly unique one.

Definitely recommended to our pals to visit Inle Lake. At Novotel we were enjoying our sojourn. I' ll warmly advise F. & Freunds in Australia to spend the night in the Novotel Inle Lake Myat Min (Deluxe Lake View Villa).

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