Inle Lake Climate


Lake Inle is a beautiful environment that tourists will surely enjoy. Weather and Inle Lake Myanmar climate, high and low temperatures, conditions and forecasts, information you need before your trip. Due to climate change, precipitation in the region is quite low. This video is only about the unique fishermen of Lake Inle. The Inle Lake, one of Myanmar's great natural wonders, is located in the heart of the Shan Highlands.

Lake Inle information - travel guide and locals

Lake Inle is one of the best places in Myanmar. It is a vast and uncharted state, home to mysterious and magnificent hills that provide the lake's ideal setting, with swimming villages, stilts and old Stupa houses. Lake Inle is ideal for those looking for a restful holiday.

Here you can enjoy every day's activities - either by canoe, trek in the luxuriant landscape or perhaps watching the Inthar-men at work. It is a place where many are staying much longer than they initially intended. It can be a little chilly in comparison to other places in Myanmar thanks to the nearby mountain ranges and because of its position it can also be difficult to get to the lake.

Traveling by air is possible for a tourist, but the airfield is far from the lake and traveling by street can be a rough experience in itself. Inle Lake's climate can be described as monsoonical, as it is rained an annual mean of 1,370 mm and the wetest season is between May and September.

But it rains more in the Shan Plateau during the drought than anywhere else in Myanmar. Due to the elevation of the area, the climate is cold, and while fog is likely, there is no need for the visitor to be concerned about chill. The climate in the lake area is cold all year round, but in the early morning and evening hours of January and February it becomes almost cold.

It is recommended that travellers take a sock, sweater or jacket to keep themselves warmer. As all other itineraries to the Inle Lake are time-consuming, the best and most commonly used way to get to the lake is by air. Hhoo is the gateway to the Inle Lake area and all large carriers serve this area.

If you have more traffic, you can take the roads from Bagan, Mandalay, Thazi or Kalaw. Taunggyi is the starting point and last stop for all forms of transportation, but Nyaungshwe and Inle travelers have nothing to fear. Overhead vans are also used to carry passengers to sea.

In January the journey can be very chilly and it is recommended that the passenger should always carry hot clothing. It' possible to take a cab from the city to the city, but the driver charges more. A USD$3 visitor tax is charged to access the Inle Lake area. Payments can be made at Myanmar Travels and Tours on Chaung Road, Nyangshwe or at one of the city' s hotel or guesthouse locations.

Generally, the clothes that Myanmar recommends to visitor are lightweight and laid-back cottons, but due to the cold climate in Inle Lake, we recommend that tourist take warm clothes. We recommend shoes with shoes, boots and clogs. Please take sunscreen, sunglasses, caps, parasols and insecticides.

Tourist should take along their own medication for diarrhea. Groceries marketed by hawkers are not suggested. You should only consume bottled boiling or bottled sauerkraut. If, however, you plan to move, it is a good practice to review certain data and information to prevent unpleasant surprise.

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