Inle Lake

Lake Inle

Lake Inle is a large freshwater lake in central Burma, known for its scenic beauty, its floating gardens and its "leg rowers". Find out why we recommend Inle Lake. Inele Lake is the dream of an inexpensive backpacker. Check all Inle Lake hotel deals at once. Discover Lake Inle, the second largest in Myanmar, and visit the Nga Phe Chaung Momnastery, Paung Daw Oo Pagoda and the floating gardens!

So what to do in Inle Lake: Complete guide

Each year more and more travelers choose to go to Myanmar to discover this wonderful yet rough area. Whilst Bagan and Yangon are the most important touristic hot spots, another attraction is Inle Lake. Gradually growing in appeal and frenzy, Inle Lake consists of a huge, calm lake with stilted cottages, marshy swamps and weak rolling hillsides and remotely shimmering farms.

Of Bagan, the capital of Inle Lake, is a small but modest hamlet named Nyaungshwe. With this small city as your starting point, you can discover the best of these lake -side towns. These are some of our best things to do in Inle Lake.

Inle Lake's best thing is to admire the imagination of the fisherfolk as they use old-fashioned (and very peculiar) techniques of fish. Though it seems difficult to find the necessary strength for cycling, one of the things we enjoy most is cycling around the lake and the small country towns in the area.

For an insight into some of the city' s history, take a cruise that ends in small stilted cottages along the way. Most of the trips take you through crafts stores and touristic places like the Phaungdawoo Pagoda and the Springkatzenkloster. One of my favourite parts of this trip is to glide along the lake and observe the natives in their daily work.

We were greeted with a cheerful wave as we moved through their small towns on the shore of the lake. Prior to your cruise you must choose whether you want to discover the vessel with a motorised raft or with a non-motorised conventional one. Any Nyaungshwe hotels and guesthouses can help you organize a trip around the lake.

One of the stations of the cruise is often the visiting of some local folk fairs, where you can see local folk sale their products. Thaung Thut has a large square half an hours away where there is a crowd every five minutes. When you go a little further, you will find towns that make many crafts, some of which are sold at the fairs.

Kyauk Taing villagers are engaged in ceramics, while the Kyaing Kan villagers are specialized in the weavings. They are small craft towns offering produce, and while some can claim that most of them are made specifically for the tourist, this still provides jobs and livelihoods for the area.

Even today, the booming trend in places such as Lake Inle is still being assessed, as the effects on the environment go hand in hand with it. One of the disputed stops on the tour of the villages is the encounter with the Karen tribes, whose golden, longish throats made them a favourite touristic area. Rather than hovering on the old Bagan Floors, you can also enjoy flying on the calm and tranquil Lake Inle.

Whilst hovering and sliding in the skies is great pleasure no matter where you are, it's something else to see the rooftops of the stilted buildings and the luxuriant green around you. When in Inle Lake, if you haven't had enough of your warm aeroplane, you should do it over Inle Lake when the daylight is up.

The other very favorite thing to do in Inle Lake is a hike to Kalaw (or the other way around), the first in Myanmar when my mate Tom was there, he took part in this three day walk. During the rainy and wet season, the landscape balanced out on the way and gave you an insight into the easy but fortunate way of live of the Myanmar population.

When you have a few working hours, this hike is something we strongly suggest. For a less strenuous hike, you can also take a full outing to Kalaw for a few walks and hiking paths. Flymya offers inexpensive single and multi-day hiking trips that are well deserved.

On the west side of the lake is a small stream that leads to the town of Indein. A number of boating trips stop here, so if you would like to see this, you should review your itineraries first. Although there is not much to do in Inle Lake, I think that part of its charms is the slowness of living that everyone, us included, has had.

Inle Lake is definitely a part of Myanmar between the breathtaking lake view, the unbelievable spectacular sundowns, and the warmer, friendlier and more.

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